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After having two bad dealings with ordering flowers for a family matter I looked into what was happening when you order flowers from Teleflora or FTD. First time I went to the FTD site and ordered roses for my mother for Valentines a week before the date. Got confirmation, took money from my account all had been taken care of I thought.

Was not until later that night that I found out she did not recieve them. Called the company where they begin to tell me that they could not find a florist to do them at the advertized price on there web site! The company the next day sent out a box from their home office not arranged and dam near dead. Offered me a discount on my next order and not a refund. NOT A HAPPY WOMAN at this point.

Asked around and was told that most shops in her area were Teleflora members. So I ordered her birthday flowers through them. I paid almost $80 and expected a nice arrangment. One was delivered. It was small and did not look like a $80 arrangement. Really aggrevated now, I went to see my Mother a couple of weeks later and decided to talk with the shop owner to share my concerns with her.

I go in armed with my paperwork and a chip on my shoulder fully expecting to have a heated argument with this lady, but to my surprise found a very respectful, helpful woman.

She pulls up her paperwork and shows me the order. Her paperwok shows $60 and that includes delivery! We go to the web page and sure enough it shows the total of what I paid but the company is getting the rest!
Now here is the big pissed off on my part, as we talk she shows me how Teleflora works and when you call in they get 27% off of the top of the order before they send it to fullfilling florist! Now this is off of the $60 not the $80! That is their room to negotiate with the florist to fill the order! So basically you are getting almost half of what you pay for! This is so wrong in so many ways!


Since I have learned of this I have called the lady directly who has the shop that was so helpful and I have been so pleased with everything!

Calling a wire service is like paying a 40% tip to someone to do a job that you can do yourself! PLEASE CALL YOUR LOCAL AREA FLORIST AND GIVE THEM YOUR BUSINESS AND NOT FTD OR TELEFLORA!

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  • Di
      Jan 08, 2008
    Teleflora - Shoddy arrangement - lying service people!
    Flowers on the park
    United States

    I ordered my sister a teleflora centerpiece for Christmas. It was supposed to be a Thomas Kinkade Church with white roses, and delphinium. This was ordered from the heart. The church looked like the church my parents were married in and the flowers their favorites. Instead she received a ugly tin sleigh with about 6 carnations and a plastic apple in it. I called teleflora they offered a 15% percent discount, wow! I paid 65 dollars for a arrangement I could have gotten at a grocery store for 15 bucks. After much haggling teleflora said I would receive a 30% discount I received 14 dollars back (about the 15% originally offered to me.) I have spent endless hours on hold with teleflora, and will never order from them again!

    The florist then sent me some roses as a apology, which is I guess why teleflora decided the 15 percent discount was OK. The roses never opened and fell over and died after 2 days. They sent my sister a bouquet of Star gazer lilies, which she is allergic to as a replacement. They ended going to her neighbor since she was unable to have them in her house.

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  • Lb
      Jan 18, 2008

    I placed an order yesterday for a specific arrangement to be delivered to my mother (Dr Chicken) and it was substituted with a completely different arrangment! There were no roses in the one she received and it was an entirely different container/balloon, color theme and quality. Basically she got nothing but cheap daisies in a ridiculous looking coffee mug and no one at their "most trusted florists" contacted me about making this change. To my knowledge no one at this florist contacted Teleflora to inform them of this substitution either. Why do they ask for your phone number then? They had the means to contact me, they just didn't care!

    I sent an email of complaint and asked for a refund since they have a "Satisfaction Guarantee" and they said it would be issued...IF they went out and took the flowers back! Otherwise they would credit me back just 50% to leave her alone after having major surgery.

    I will never, ever purchase from Teleflora again as what you select and more importantly, what you PAY FOR is not what you get!!!

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  • Ra
      Feb 15, 2008

    I ordered a beautiful arrengment for my girlfriend on valentine's day for delivery on that same day. Instead, she got it the next day (magic lost) and a whole diferent arrengment. They will not mess with me... I will ask full refund or I will sue them for false advertisment and fraud.

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  • Bi
      Feb 16, 2008

    By far the worst servie on the internet, ordered roses 12 for $100 (valentine's Day) they sent email late 14th that they couldn't fill order I ok'd for next day,15th, again nothing got a phone message on Saturday 16th that they neede an OK for more money as the price went up/?????????????? Shiloks terrible service not even an apology they need to get oput of the service buisness since they have NONE!!!!

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  •   May 13, 2008
    Teleflora - Horrible Experience with Teleflora
    P.O. Box 60910
    Los Angeles
    United States

    On May 8th we ordered some Mother's Day Flowers online at Teleflora. We ordered over $400 worth of flowers to be delivered to several Mom's. We were guaranteed same day delivery as long as the order was placed by 2 p.m. We placed the order at 10 a.m. and the flowers were still not delivered the same day. We called and complained on May 9th and they gave us an excuse that the flower order had bounced around in the online world and was never given to a floral company to make. After filing a complaint with Teleflora they guaranteed to have the flowers delivered today instead. When the flowers were delivered it wasn't even close to what we had ordered. They made up some cheap arrangement and thought that whoever ordered it wouldn't be there to see what flowers were being delivered. We refused the flowers and contacted Teleflora once again. Now we have to wait for another arrangement that might/might not be delivered today and probably won't even look close to what we ordered. DO NOT EVER ORDER FLOWERS FROM THIS COMPANY!!! You won't even get to speak to someone from the US to handle the matter. The person barely speaks English. Also, another arrangement that I had ordered was not even in the vase pictured online for America's Favorite Mother, which has been advertised on tv. No credit was given for the vase mix up, but we did receive a 40% off credit for the other 2 screw ups above.

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  • Th
      Dec 02, 2008

    I hear you florist, i know how this scam works and don't think that the online florist are really getting 50$ for the arrangement, some online florist will get 65$ give you the order for 50$ keep 15$ then keep the transmission fee and THEN weasel you into making a top notch arrangement for $50. Believe me, I KNOW. Oh yeah and when the customer complains its YOU that gets screwed over because the wire service is going to force you to either take another arrangement or they will refuse to pay you for it. It's a win for them either way because these online florist are feeding so many orders thru them they have a steady 15% going to them. Write me. I'll let you in other online florist scams. Don't trust them if they say they're honest or experienced.

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  • Ay
      May 09, 2009
    Teleflora - Flowers Looked Terrible
    United States

    Wow I can't even believe I spent over $50 on this hideous bouquet. #1 go to teleflora and search for the everlasting lavender bouquet and check out that picture compared to the picture I attached. DO NOT BUY from this place... it is a scam.

    After I complained to the company they gave me a refund of 20%. NOT GOOD ENOUGH! I bought that particular bouquet for the purple vase and they sent me a vase with painted pink tulips on it. Terrible!!!

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  • Ri
      May 09, 2009

    I think the flowers are pretty. I don't see what the problem is...

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  • Well rivett you are right the flowers are pretty, but considering the picture they have on the website. They are not what was expected.

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  • Tl
      May 11, 2009
    Teleflora - Very babd service
    United States

    I placed an order for my mom to be delivered on May 8th, 2017 for mother's day. I placed this order well in advance of Mother's day. When the placing the order online everything went through fine. No delivery on May 8th. When I called to follow-up, the representative assured me the delivery would be placed on May 9th. No delivery made. I call again to follow-up 3 days later and they tell me that there is no florist in the area of delivery. Funny thing, no one ever called to inform me. I am PISSED!!! Plus the rep did not sound surprised nor did he apologize. He states that I will receive a refund in 2-3 days.

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  • An
      May 12, 2009

    TLW - I am sorry for your experience and can completely sympathize with what happened for I, too, have the same experience that I am going through with Teleflora right now. I placed my order on 5/8 for delivery 9 blocks from my house on 5/9 - and paid an extra $4 to do that yet. In the meantime, it's May 12 - Tuesday evening (8pm as I write this) - and the flowers haven't been received yet. I've been assured, after spending 2 hours on the phone calling hither and yon looking for some solace, that I will receive a refund. If it's anything like this delivery at all - I guess I can kiss that refund, as well as those hours I'll never get back, good bye. And the shock of it is - I am a long-time customer of Teleflora and prefer them to the other online or 1-800-number flower places - they are courteous, prompt, the flowers are fresh and the arrangements so very pretty. I can understand that sometimes stuff happens - but make it right. So far they haven't and I doubt highly that I will use them again. I hope you receive your refund and that henceforth and forever more things "come up roses."

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  • Ay
      May 26, 2009

    Thank you Trevor. Since I wrote the posting Teleflora has contacted me because of this complaint and has since given me a full refund. The other bouquet I sent to my mother-in-law actually turned out beautiful and was even cheaper than the everlasting lavender.

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  • Mi
      Nov 21, 2009

    Not sure if this will help you in the future or not, but here is a suggestion on perhaps avoiding similar problems. Find a florist - not an 800 number or an online service, but a real bricks and mortar florist in or near the city where you wish your order to be delivered. All those flowers you order through Teleflora, FTD, 800 Flowers, etc... are being created and delivered by local florists anyway (unless you get the box delivery) and they can only deliver what orders they receive. For the most part you can get something identical to the pictures you see on line and if the florist does have to substitute anything, they'll generally tell you right up front. Plus, you've got a small business you're dealing with and your chances of speaking with the owner are much much better, in case there is a problem. Most florists are regular people who shop just like you and are concerned about value given for money received. If you like, Teleflora and FTD have listings online that will direct you to real live local florists. I don't know what FTD's site is called, but Teleflora calls it Find a Florist. Be careful when searching online, though, as many so called "florists" are really just call centers. I'd suggest you confirm they are real florists by verifying their address in some way. This has been my basic rule of thumb with flowers for the last 30 years. I have to admit that I have made some purchases from and had excellent success. Of course, once I discovered who the florists were that delivered the good stuff, their name went into my database and I call them directly now. Better service, usually a better final product and like I said, a name and a face to speak with just in case of a problem. Good luck - hope it helps.

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  • Ja
      Dec 28, 2009
    Teleflora - Non delivery of flowers
    United States

    The worst. Didn't tell me they couldn't deliver (the day before my Mom's 75th birthday!!!) until THAT day, I called right away and no apologies! I should have canceled then! I foolishly decided to use them anyway and have them send the day after her birthday (her birthday was yesterday, Sunday 12/27) and I get an EMAIL SIX HOURS ago, they no longer have what I ordered in stock, so, what would I like to do? I would tell you what I'd like to do, but it is illegal! I called and canceled and again, no apologies. How can a business like this survive? Unreal...

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  • Tr
      Jan 29, 2010

    Teleflora allows substitutions when they run out of product- seee disclosure agreements. You should never order from a wire service- and should call a florist direct as every florist cannot have every color of every rose, tulip, gerbera, etc in stock every day. Florist that are sent the order in the local town are allowed substitution of flowers - value to value- as each flower has a value. CALL direct from now on and you will be able to find out exactly what a florist has in stock. also the actual florist filling the order only receives 73% of the order as the wire service *Teleflora, FTD, 1800 flowers" keeps the rest for "processing" the order. So think about it-- do you want to give %100 value for something you are only going to get back 73%-- call florist direct!!!

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  • Ri
      Feb 28, 2011
    Teleflora - Lied about delivery
    United States

    I ordered a flower arrangement to be specifically be delivered on a special day only to receive an email at the end of that business day that they could not be ordered and to pick a different day. This is completely unacceptable, and when I called customer service, I was told they could do nothing, and the supervisor was out to lunch (End of business day) and then given a false name and phone number. Followed by being placed on hold to "reach the supervisor" then ignored on the phone for 30 minutes.

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  • Ih
      May 11, 2011
    Teleflora - no delivery!
    United States

    I ordered flowers Friday May 6, to be delivered for Mothers Day next day Saturday the 7th. They took the money for payment from my account but the flowers never arrived! Sunday came and still no flowers. The website says 24/7 customer service- but that's incorrect. I had to wait until Monday morning and call while at work. I was offered delivery of the flowers and a gift card. I declined and asked for a refund that day, they said okay and that I would get an email of refund confirmation. That never happened!!! I called today - Tuesday at 7pm asking agin for my refund and was now told 3-5 business days!! I was supposedly speaking with a supervisor. I said since I didnt get my refund yesterday, can you make the delivery and I will wait the 3-5 days for my refund. They said no, they would deliver only if I took a 50% refund instead. I said thats ridiculous, after the service I got. They wouldnt back odwn, so I said I was writing a complaint and never using them again!! The guy said okay and he was sorry. Ya okay.

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  • Cu
      Sep 09, 2011
    Teleflora - False representation
    United States

    Seriously, this was the worst choice made for purchasing flowers online flowers.
    I ordered a premium upgrade for an arrangement.
    What we ordered off the Teleflora sight and what was delivered was not even remotely close in any way shape or form...

    Teleflora said that the florist stated my wife was happy with the flowers, she wasnt. That is why my wife asked the delivery girl to stay while she called the shop that handled the order. My wife was left on hold almost 15 minutes while the designer got the owner. All the owner would state is the Teleflors clause for substituting flowers and that she saw the arrangement and in her opinion it was a premium upgrade. The shop owner also told my wife she, my wife, had no idea if I had spent the extra money for the premium upgrade and she was not going to disclose that either. Teleflora stated in their e-mail response to me based on the pictures we sent that they were very sorry we were unhappy with the arrangement.
    $70.00 for 3 roses, 5 carnations, filler tiny flowers and ferns.
    We have gone back and forth for 3 days trying to resolve this issue.
    Teleflora asked what would resolve this issue and Teleflora was told a 20 per cent refund and the delivery of premium How Sweet it Is arranagement that is comparable to what is listed and shown as the premium How Sweet it Is arrangement on their site.
    Needless to say I opted for a complete refund and asked Teleflora to have the florist pick up the shoddy arrangement ASAP. It amazes me that it tales 5 business days to credit a refund when it takes 20 minutes to secure the payment.

    Teleflora is NOT about customer service or satisfaction, but about covering for lazy service providers who pay to belong to the Teleflora Club listed on their corporate site...

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  • Wa
      Nov 26, 2011
    Teleflora - Worst Experience
    United States

    Don't even bother ordering through this company. I had them sent to my Mother for Mother's Day a year ago and the quality of the flowers was not at all what was advertised. They had clearly fallen over in the delivery van and the quality of the flowers must have been poor prior to this. I spent a large amount of money on this and it wasn't worth a quarter of what I spent. I spent the next 4 days on the phone with customer service trying to get my order refunded. The customer service agent was short, incredibly rude and even challenged my report of the product. I've had other poor experiences with other internet based florists that outsource to local florists, and the quality is always a disappointment. Go with a private florist and review the product in person prior to sending them to avoid the embarassment.

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