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funeral flowers

The funeral flowers for my nan's funeral were not delivered in time for the service (and no proof...


I would just like to thank Katie Picco and all of her amazing team for the stunning flowers they...

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Ripped me off

This woman ripped me off when dealing with my wedding flowers. I paid her alot of money up front and the day before the wedding i rang her to check that everything was in order. Having paid for Chocolate and cream coloured balloons she informed me that she didnt have any chocolate balloons and was going to do gold ones instead. I then had to go and get the chocolate balloons for her to blow up as part of my table displays, she has refused to reimburse me even though I had already paid her to supply the balloons. I paid her £100 for chocolate coloured chrystals to go in the bottom of the vases and again on the day before the wedding she informed me that she didn't have the chrystal and offered me two other options which I didn't like but had no option but to accept. She was over an hour late delivering the flowers on the day and had not supplied the right amount of buttonholes, it was too late to get any more because of her lateness, she lied about why she was late and when challenged about the 'accident' by someone who had taken the same route she backtracked on her story. The flowers were very poor quality and didn't last very long at all and when I went in to ask her for some money back she became very aggressive and threatening towards me. I have since spoken to a lot of people who have suffered very similar situations with her often with funeral flowers. She should not be allowed to stay in business.

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    Chief Strange Mar 08, 2015

    Well ABC, how shallow of you to make an anonymous posting. Hiding behind anonymity. How would you like to have a posting like this made about you? You should have gone to trading standards. You are despicable.

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    Bride2014 Jun 05, 2018

    @Chief Strange Without a double - Katie Picco or an associate wrote this. Tut tut @ChiefStrange.

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Katie Picco verified

Ripped off

This woman ripped me off when dealing with my wedding flowers. I paid her a lot of money up front...