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Order never showed

I placed an order on 6/17/20 for my mother-in-laws birthday on 6/18/20 and was charged immediately. The day...


I ordered a same day delivery with added card for my sister in law's birthday, it was supposed to be around 70$, but I was charged $110. When I couldn't reach the website, I searched for the store in the specific city and an actual florist came up but the business info was a different name- called her, she has an open rcmp file. No refund ever arrived even though I received an email stating they would refund the 70$. Ive called and emailed several times.

Paid for a birthday floral and it was not delivered

On March 6, 2020, I made an online order at Rita's Florist for a birthday arrangement for my daughter's birthday. I received an email saying my order was received and processed. Later, I received an email saying my order was being refunded. Well, the order was never delivered nor refunded. My account was debited for $59.29. I tried calling and emailing them, but I have not gotten a response. How can I get my money back?
Lurena Bynum

Took money did not deliver

Ordered flowers for daughters birthday. Not delivered. Emailed and call but no answer. Now i know ive been scammed. First thing did not realize the site is in the United States. Would never of ordered. Check the bottom of page for funds cause they are very smart hiding this information. Very put off about this my daughter knew something was coming and i had to tell her it wasnt. I feel awful.

Floral arrangement for a funeral

I paid $86 for a floral arrangement to be sent to my Aunt's funeral because I could not attend. This so called company took my money and sent NOTHING. Nothing lower than people who steal from the grieving. Not to mention the embarrassment and classless way they made me appear by sending nothing. I'm beyond angry. Now what can I do? I'm out $86 and my reputation is tarnished. Thanks!

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item purchased

I ordered a flower arrangement for my cousin as she had just given birth to her first child. I ordered the "Baby Boy Wagon" but she ended up getting a ceramic ugly yellow car. I tried contacting the company, even filed a complaint with the BBB and got no where! Worst company ever!! I will never use this company again and will do what I can to make sure everyone knows not to order through this company.

funeral arrangement

Ordered a funeral arrangement on 12/6/2019 order number 785900, for a friend to our youth softball team. Happily accepted our money and the flowers never arrived for showing or funeral. I have called and emailed a dozen times, no response. Contacted BBB no response. This company takes advantage of people and they should be jailed for theft. I obviously would like the $72.15 back.

this is a scam be awareness

I purchased a flowers for Christmas / 2019 and family they never received the flowers and they said they send me an email saying that I got refund but I didn't! .. I been trying to reach this company and they never answer by phone or email... reading other reviews this is a complete SCAM they never refund the $ or respond... the true I didn't check the reviews until now they this happened to me... don't buy them anything Is not a reliable company is a Total SCAM

flower delivery

Selected a birthday arrangement. The one that arrived was a mess and in no way resembled the arrangement I selected. It wasn't even an arrangement, but was a bunch of short roses jammed into a case with a hastily half tied rough ribbon around it. In no way was this attractive. The delivery service knocked on the door and when my sister answered it they were already getting back into the van with the flowers. They were no even going to leave them. I paid a premium price for this arrangement and it looked like a hot mess.

flower delivery
flower delivery

flowers for a funeral on rita's florist website

I ordered flowers on line in Ontario to be sent to a funeral home in Charlottetown PEI. I put the flowers on my visa card. I thought I hadn't finished the transaction but obviously I did and it has been charged to my visa. I called visa and it was indicated that I should contact the vendor. This took place on Wednesday, December 11, 2019 after 6:00pm. I thought I was contacted to Rita's Flowers in Charlottetown PEI, Canada when I placed the order. I have contacted Visa with the number on the back and I was told to contact the vendor. That is when I noticed that the vendor wasn't Canadian but in the United


I ordered flowers for my parent's anniversary and paid an extra $19.99 for extra flowers and $3.99 for gift gift. $80 down the drain. The flowers were never delivered. I received a receipt to my email and then could not contact them. I ordered the flowers in haste in order to have them delivered the same day. I will never do that again. AVOID THIS WEBSITE:

flowers never received

I ordered a Birthday Arrangement for my friend. Thought I was ordering from a local business in Gadsden...

flowers, no delivery, no refund

I order online flower delivery, and they never got delivered. Then recevied an email saying I would get a refund and never got it.. they don't awenser there phones or email.. nice tried to call them many times throughout the day with no body that would awenser.. I've emailed them every day with out a reply from them.. they have no problem taking the money out of my account for a service not provided.. 155.07$ is what they have stole from me

flower delivery

Order number 789709. Order never arrived October 30th as requested. See below. No answer via phone or email. Worst customer service. Was my wife's and I anniversary. Truly disappointed. Going to cancel visa transaction

Thank you for your order

Hi Scott,

Just to let you know -- weve received your order #780709, and it is
now being processed:

[ORDER #780709] (OCTOBER 29, 2019)

How Sweet It Is X 1 = $43.97

- Card Message: Happy Not Sure How Many Anniversaries.
Love you to pieces and can't wait to spend many more together
Love Scott
- Date of Delivery: 10/30/2019
- Select Size: Deluxe - Adds Extra Flowers ($9.99)
- Add a Gift: Add Premium Greeting Card ($3.99)
- Total: $13.98


Subtotal: $43.97
Shipping: Free shipping
Service & Handling: $19.95
Sales Fee: $6.60
Tax: $0.00
Payment method: Credit or debit card
Total: $70.52
Note: Procurement Office



Scott Dawson
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Innisfil ON L9S 1Y7


Region of Peel
Sioned Dawson
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Brampton ON L6T 4B9

floral delivery

SCAM!!! Avoid it!! Purchase flowers after my sister had surgery. I received a confirmation email and they immediately deducted the money. The flowers were never delivered. I wish I would've read read the reviews before hand they are terrible!. Hopefully this business will be investigated because it's a total scam. I called them numerous times and sent emails with no return at all. No one ever answers the phone it goes directly to voicemail

flower arrangements

They failed to deliver flowers. I was refunded without an explanation or notice that they were unable to fufill my order. I would gladly have orders somewhere else if I'd have known they were unable to provide the service. My friend did not receive her birthday flowers and now I look like an [censored] who forgot a birthday. Poor customer service. Called at 3pm to check status of flowers and no answer. Will not use again and encourage others not to bother.

flowers delivery

I purchased yesterday flowers to be delivered for a birthday. During the evening I received an email from Rita's florist saying I was refunded for the other without giving any explanation.
Flowers were not delivered and no explanations were giving.
I tried to call them three times and left VM but nothing.
Not only for the day of the birthday I was not able to send a gift on time but no one provide an explanation, no one gave an apology.
This is very unprofessional!!


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do NOT purchase from these con artists. Out of all my 25 years of life I have never thought it was necessary to leave any establishment a review that wasn't about how pleased I was. Besides the fact that after 3 calls and voicemails and 2 emails no one has got in touch with me, let me leave pictures to show you what I thought I was ordering versus what was delivered to my mother. And for $80? I could've paid my younger brother to pick flowers out of her own garden and buy a nicer vase from Target. I'm disgusted.


Unethical behavior

I ordered an arrangement for the birth of my granddaughter. I added an additional $19.99 for premium flowers meaning additional flowers were to be added. Paid almost $75 for the $35 arrangement on the website. They DID NOT add the extra flowers. I have called repeatedly and left messages without a response. Order # #774204. I want an immediate credit for the additional funds paid!

floral delivery

I Placed an order for this floral arrangement, I went and added additional flowers for 10.00 more. I was sent an invoice for 98.70 but my credit card was billed 135.00. They do not mention it's US funds at all. The arrangement was for the funeral home and believe me you "DON'T GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!! I'm surprised this company is still in business. I tried phoning the company 4-5 times, all week with no return phone call, not even once. I left several emails throughout the week, Once this company gets your money, they don't bother returning phone calls or even caring that you are not at all happy with the service. This company RITA'S FLORIST should not be in business because they lack customer service and common courtesy. Customer complaints don't bode well for business owners, this company should care more about their customers not scamming extra dollars. I will never order from Rita's Florist EVER, EVER again. I definitely will never recommend this company to anyone of my family or friends. You blew it Rita's Florist. As the saying goes" One and done" I'm done with Rita's Florist and their poor business practices>