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TD Bank / awful bank

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I found out on March 25th that TD Bank changed my account number. I didn't receive notification, I just happen to find out when I dialed the 800 number to check my balance, and couldn't. I had spoken to a bank associate, and they claimed that since Commerce and TD Bank merged they found that their were duplicate account numbers from both banks so they just changed the account numbers. They said they took care of my direct deposits so the transaction would be smooth, and they sent me some free complimentary checks. Which might have been nice if I didn't already buy more checks because I had no idea they were going to do this. Then I had my paycheck direct deposited, or it was supposed to be April 3rd. I never got my paycheck. When I found out it wasn't in the bank, which was saturday. My fault, I work saturdays and probably shouldn't have a life. I called first thing Sunday. The associate I spoke to tells me she can't help me till Mondday because the direct deposit department doesn't work on Sundays. I asked for a supervisor, they don't work either on Sundays. Then she decides to verify my account by asking me about my last deposit. Naturally being a extremely upset person who doesn't have their paycheck I freak out. I tell her it would have been for x amount on April 3rd but someone didn't do their job by putting it in my account. Truth of the matter is I have banked with commerce since I was 18. I never had a huge problem with them, and if I had a problem they took care of it immediately. I don't get this crap of, they don't work on Sundays. They didn't just change my account number without notifying me. This is crap! I stayed after the merger with TD Bank because I loved Commerce. They were actually very convenient and actually cared when there was a screw up like this. It's a inconvenience when I can't pay my bills or even buy groceries for me and my son because they are so irresponsible that they can't put my direct deposit into my account. Yes, it was sent in. I have the stub. I guess it doesn't matter to anyone when it's your only income, to me I need it.

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  • Pi
      4th of May, 2009
    -1 Votes

    They should not be allowed to get away with the $hit they pull on their customers. They make millions of BS fees every year. Most the time, it is their incompetent workforce that is responsible for the errors. Then after waiting 30 minutes to speak to a representative on the phone, you get told you are a liar, then told to go to the branch to speak to someone. Then you go to the branch, and the person who insisted when you asked if they were still on the same banking day swears they never told you that. Then you're FUC|
    Also, if you're dumb enough to open a checking account with them, quadruple check all the information they enter because the ###ed monkeys often make mistakes when putting in your information.

    They really need one of those customer screens that show you what they're doing while they're doing it.

  • Pa
      23rd of May, 2009
    -1 Votes

    Its funny how only people living paycheck to paycheck have this issue, I'm with 3 banks, and will only go to a fourth when my FDIC limit is reached in all my accounts within each institution. I have noticed issues with each bank, but it never concerns me because I actually know what is in all my accounts at all times, and if one bank is down, I just pull out the access card for the other one. Most examples of people who I see are failing are the ones who are living beyond their means in one manner or another. And when something happens, put blame on the bank. Look no further then yourself, the mistakes the banks make they fix, and sorry normal people do not lose their cool and start shouting and yelling, uneducated idiots do that. Yelling never helps, it is a person on the other side, making a living just like you or me. If they are unable to understand or unable to help, hang up call and speak to another person. Don't try to put yourself in with us normal people, its insulting...


  • Bi
      30th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    Heres my story.

    I started with commerce bank way back when. The service was exceptional!!
    I was very pleased with the level of service with commerce. Well all that changed about a year after they changed to TD.

    Customer service blows now!!! The branch now hands everything off to the call center where you are put on hold for very long times and have to re-submit your identifying information to the next operator.

    Lately while in Argentina my card stopped working despite having a permanent note on my account that I am a pilot and travel extensively and not to shut it down for suspected fraud.

    They shut it down anyway. Told me I needed to come to a branch and get a new one. Being in Argentina for 30 days made that impossible. I have a second personal account so I figured I could transfer funds from my business account and use that atm card. NOT!!!

    The online system would not allow it. Transfers worked many times before now it won’t allow it. So I have to take cash advances on credit cards to feed myself.

    Additionally about two months ago someone cloned my atm card in Colombia and charger 6000 dollars in goods. I called the fraud department and they credited me 4000 immediately but told me I would need to wait up to ten days for the remaining 2000 to be credited to my account. It’s been almost 60 days now and im still waiting despite many phone calls!!

    Now they tell me the person who is handling my investigation is on vacation till October 16 and I will need to wait till she gets back before the investigation can proceed. WHAT!!! I could not believe what I was hearing. You mean to tell me there is no one else who can handle this matter. Incredible. They also told me they never told me it would be 10 days for them to credit the final 2k.

    It’s a shame the idiots in TD management didn’t realize why commerce bank received so many new customers in the short time they were in existence.

    TD is not nearly as customer oriented as commerce was. Im changing banks again as soon as I get home.

    Bill Sample

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