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I filled out a 30 day free trial service on the Internet on 9/2/14 that would be $29.95 a month after the free trial period. On 9/10/14 my account was "overdrawn". I had checked my balance on 9/9/14 and it was $20.43. It stated that the $29.95 was pending. I had made 2 other purchases that day. One purchase of $9.00 and another of $10. I went to my branch and their response to my issue when I asked them to deny the purchase of $29.95 and bring my account back to date, was "I'm sorry. But we can't help you. It's on pending status and even though you are requesting to decline the purchase, I can't be sure you didn't receive a product. And since you made 2 more purchases, you will be charged $105.00 in overdraft fees if you don't have this cleared up with the service company by tomorrow". I spoke with the teller and branch supervisor and they said there is NOTHING they could do to help me resolve this issue. What happened to "We are here for you" Or "Whatever you need we will resolve every issue you may have". I chose to do business with TD Bank because I believed I would be treated with respect. The tellers and the supervisor made me feel as though my issues are not important. The supervisor basically called me a liar when I told him time and again that the purchase was NOT AUTHORIZED. I called the service company, (ScoreScence) and submitted a cancelation. # [protected] done at 3:45 pm on 9/10/14. I spoke with Judy who also advised me that it's up to Corporate Billing to decide if I will get my $29.95 refund. So, not only is my "trusted bank...TD Bank" robbing me but the company that offered a 30 day free trial. I may not have thousands in the bank, but I should still be treated with the same respect as any other monthly fee paying TD Bank customer. I was robbed without a gun by the TD Bank.

Sep 10, 2014
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  • Mk
      Sep 11, 2014

    OK, it looks like your complaint should not be with the bank.
    You are asking them to refund money for something that they have no way of knowing if it is a actual charge.
    My suggestion to you is to NOT get into these situations by NOT giving out your account info for things that you might not be able to pay for.
    I know that you feel it was a FREE 30 day trial but companies that offer these trials often have conditions like...

    I am sorry to hear that you are having this problem but it is not the Banks fault.

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