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Tata Indicom Broadband Internet / Series of complaints

1 India


The Head of Customer Care,

Hi, I am Jyoti Raheja from Mulund (E). I have taken a broadband Internet connection from TATA INDICOM on 15th Jul 09.

I am very very disappointed with the service provided to me. I own a TATA landline ([protected] in the name of Mrs. Anju Raheja) at my place too.

To start with, pls read the below series of problems/difficulties faced by me post the installation of the connection in just a span of 12 days.

1. The basic error at the company's end, inspite of me opting for the 399-UNLIMITED plan, they installed the 699-UNLIMITED Plan...After repeated calls and follow up to the call centre, the plan finally got transferred to the correct one (i.e 399-UNLIMITED), but not to forget, I have got my 1st bill for a day according to the erroneous plan of 699.Again, I called up to rectify the bill, still no revert.

2. There was some error in the installation process and hence, my TATA landline and the broadband wires got connected to each other, causing disconnection of both the services. I complained again (being a regular feature), got an executive at home, who checked and APPARENTLY rectified the problem, the phone and the Internet still being disconnected, the guy gave an excuse of some copper wire being cut due to which the connection was faulty and not working. 2days passed by, no revert from the guy or any of the company guys.

3. Also, every complaint of mine also refers to the frequent disconnection of the Internet, no fixing has been done to this problem TILL DATE.

4. Specifically, I would like to register a complaint against the TATA executive who did the installation at my place for the Internet connection (Suhas- [protected]).This guy does not have any responsibility towards customer satisfaction. I presume, TATA is a big brand where customer satisfaction should be one of the core values of the organisation. However, I was very disappointed with the service provided by him per se. He had insisted us in contacting him if any problem occurs till the next 15days in the Internet connection, however, inspite of repeated calls, either there is no response from him, or he has ignored the complaints till date.

5. The executive came again, rectified the wire problem and the Internet started working fine (CONGRATULATIONS, this was the 1st day that I surfed the Internet without any hassles for 30min at a stretch and again as explained in point 3 above)

6. The story does not end here, the last problem is quite fresh and recent, as good as yesterday and perhaps the WORST service any sales guy could provide- The great TATA executive, Suhas had come to check for the modem fault and in the process of rectifying the disconnection problem, created a fault in our TATA landline as well and the way he ran away from our place, without any communication as if he must have stolen something and was trying to elope.

7. Inspite of repeated requests to get in touch with someone senior in the organisation, I have never been allowed to address my concerns to someone senior.

I would like to specifically register a complaint against the person named SUHAS, who is not capable of handling any customer service job.

You can imagine after this mail, out of the 12 days, for how much time my Internet connection was actually active?????

I have registered repeated complaints for the same and [protected] is the latest complaint no.received from the call centre.

Please respond to this mail only if you have anything positive to mention against all the negatives quoted in the mail.


Jyoti Raheja.

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