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Tata Indicom Broadband / Billing problem

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Finally after facing problem from last three days I went to Tata Indicom Broadband VSNL office at Kalyaninagar, Pune and request to activate Internet connection. Your executive Deepak was there who listened to my request carefully and helped me out of that. Your customer care services ([protected]) is the worst among all I myself have called more then 20 times and told all the details and problems I am facing. They only know how to apologies and give time of next half hour but has no solution atoll. From your billing department Treafa Hiwale she called me 3 days back and asked me for my account statement to mail her where its reflects the payment details, I did it immediately on her email id above. Today after 3 days she call me and tells that she haven’t received any mail from me. I have all the sent mails in my sent mailbox.

My problem was that I paid all my 4 months of bill in advance Rs. 3,692.00/- by cheque and its cleared also even after that my Internet connection was inactivated due payment due on the first month. Who is going to pay me the loss of 3 days and my telephone charges of speaking with your non-tollfree customer service?

Now after 3 days my Internet connection is activated but in my In My usage account its still showing me outstanding Amount 983.82/- even after these guys have all my payment details.

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  • Sa
      28th of Nov, 2006
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    What worst services TATA INDICOM is providing to its customers !!! Me Santanu Mitra have applied for a broadband connection. I paid my money on 18-11-06 but still I have not got the connection. The concerned persons are Mr. Sanjay Kate, cell no:09225570456 , his immediate boss Mr. Anil , cell no: 09225515104 and all the others started playing with the same word tomorrow your connection will be completed definitely. But their tomorrow has never come. Neither they call me nor they receive the calls from me. Being so irritated I'm placing this worst comments to the board. Please think 10 times before applying for TATA INDICOM connection.

  • Sn
      30th of Mar, 2007
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    To tell my experience with Tataindicom broadband, I have to write volumes. I even suspect there is a very big scandal is going on in that company with regard to money matters. Their billing system is a fraudulent one. The government authorities, police should wake up in right time.

    I have been asked to pay my dues on or before September 25th 2006 .Again there was a due for the next month on 6th October 2006. That is within 11 days one more payment. During the first week the link was cut and after hectic phone calls i got the connection on October second week only. Then only I came to know that there was one more due. I refused to pay taking it to their customer cell. Exactly previous day to Deepavali my connection was cut. On the same day, they realized their mistake and told me to pay the dues on that day, but yet the connection was cut. They apologized and I continued. But since the service was very poor i surrendered the modem and asked the refund. I paid my last dues and it reflected in my bank pass book. Instead of refunding they told me that the last dues was not paid and the deposit of Rs 1000 was adjusted. I sent the xerox copy of the bank passbook and asked them where the money had gone? It is very fraudulent and there is no reply. One lady answered me very well and requested me to bear. I am waiting till this moment from December 2006 to March 31st 2007.

    My only concern is without the top brass's knowledge is there a scandal going on in that company? How to take remedial action?

    I am thinking of going to consumer court demanding compensation. Is there somebody who was successful in consumer court against this company. I would like to know to follow suit. Please post.

  • So
      16th of May, 2007
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    Tata Indicom is to be avoided liked the plague. I am from ahmedabad and it has been a nightmare trying to get the installation done and even now nothing works like emule, etc...

  • Ni
      20th of Jun, 2007
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    What a bloody... broad band... its the trouble band... Super Dull hi problem giving internet connection...!!! From the more then 3 days onwards... my net is not working. In the router the 100M light is blinking for some time then constantly on. And the WAN light also constantly on. And in the Local Area Connection Status... the send packets reach >200 still the received packets remains around 2-3. I tried to restart machine and router 4-5 times, but the situation is same. As some time i am working from home, because of this i cant work and i don't have tata landline connection. So i feel some problem with the server.

    People beware!!!

  • Yo
      25th of Jul, 2007
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    I have a phone with no 64519161. The phone never worked properly. I requested Tata Indicom to cancel the number on 1st June 07. I received a call from Jai who works for Tata Indicom with a suggestion to change the plan to "Only outgoing charge" plan. I agreed and told him to change the plan.

    I have paid Rs 561/- on 14th June 07 vide cheque no xxxxx drawn on xxxxx bank. (This is shown on the bank statement). On 20th July I received a bill for Rs 392/- for the period from 15th June to 14th July 07. I have not made a single call from the instrument during this period. I registered a complaint with docent no 79538911.

    To my surprise, I got reply from Tata Indicom that I have given request for change of plan on 19th June 2007. The call center fellow refused to give me complaint number when I told him that since the cheque is cleared on 14th June 07, the change of plan is applicable from that date or from 15th June which is the normal billing cycle.

    Please note that unless I request change of plan, I could not have paid money for it. But the logic does not seem to matter for Tata Indicom call center fellows.

    Tata Indicom sends wrong bills to customers. This is cheating in simple language.

  • Ro
      8th of Jan, 2008
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    I have tataindicom usb modem purchase form tataindicom outlet it works fine but the problem is that they are great cheater. I have got my first month bill around 1000rs then next bill which i got was 1200rs and finally i got 3rd month bill to rs 1500 i means they are continuously increasing amount though i have used only less than 1gb that is free usage then also they have charged for more than 1gb usage.
    The most important thing is that i have the snapshots of the usage with date. and that snapshot is nothing but the internet log which comes from tataindicom software only. So they are telling our bill is correct it means their software is wrong and they dont agree at this that our software is wrong so what they want to tell i dont. What hell they want to speak they themselves are not clear about it. so i recommend you to never go for tataindicom it is useless. take reliance or bsnl but dont go for tataindicom

  • Ag
      26th of Feb, 2008
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    Quick Summary of my experience with TATA Indicom broadband @ Chennai.

    TATA Indicom broadband (VSNL) guys lost track of money they took from me.
    Kept blaming about non-payment and started to de-activate my connection without prior notice.
    Remember I am a customer who had been using TATA Indicom broadband for a year now.
    Activated the connection Feb 15th 2007

    If this is how they treat their customer who had been using it for a year, forget those new comers. Will be treated next to piece of ###.

    They have damn good technology in place and BUNCH of IDIOTS to maintain their backoffice operations.

    Another way they cheat customers is by not giving the downtime credit for usage.
    Its like sarkari office... Working or not you still need to pay the full rent.

    Now read my communication to TATA Indicom broadband and their response.
    -agni sharman

    Here is the copy of my communication with TATA Indicom Broadband @

    -Sharman (agni)
    Sharman’s Cab Company

  • Na
      5th of Mar, 2008
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    Four years before I had same problem. It seems still they have not improved. They charged RS.700 for 20 mts of internet usage. I had registered complaint. No one bother to address the problem. It dragged for three months. In the mean time, I had torture from their customer care executives. Three to four call per week for this pending payment. The joke is, I used to pay other charges (Voice usage, rental, etc) regularly except this dispute charge.

    Finally I want to come out of the service. As a punishment for being Tataindicom customer, I payed Rs.700/. I know it was kind of looting. But I paid just for my peace and come out of their services immediately. The same statement I put it in my termination request.

    If you want real peace, do not go for this service.

    Their service is being recommended only for the people who loved to being tortured.

    Latter I learnt from my friend that he had similar problem with their billing system. He proved the same by running some scripts in his front end to capture his internet session details. He produced the same CDRs to the Tataindicom Central office and he was successful to revert his additional billings. As he is a techie person, he was able to prove the same. Think about others.

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