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I was checking out at the Midway University Ave. St.Paul 55104 store at 2:15pm on December 2nd. Phillis is the name of the cashier. I was using WIC vouchers to buy my 6 month old baby food for the first time. The cashier was extremely unfriendly. I wasn't getting anything else, just one voucher of baby food. She started out by pointed to the basket in my hand saying nothing. instead of saying "I can take your basket for you". And ended by complaining "this is way more items then these vouchers usually have on them! "They usually" give people way less than this" excuse me, I'm receiving $24 worth of baby food help from the government. I'm breastfeeding which is none of her business but that might be why I get more items then she's used to. Isn't it beyond rude to make comments on people's receiving food help? I didn't respond to her. It's almost like she was accusing me of getting more then I should have gotten. I have a lot more vouchers I could have been redeeming but waited because of time. She seems to have no clue how rude she is treating those less fortunate around xmas time. It makes me mad not just for me but for others who may feel stigmitized by receiving food help.

Dec 02, 2016

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