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They claim an item is in stock, you waste time buying it, then they cancel it without you expecting it. You could have bought it elsewhere if their site was trystworthy about items being in stock or not. Then, a vague email without explaining saying 1 of your items couldn't be delivered, when the other 2 are add ons you didn't want anyway. Then, to get a reason why, like the payment, you have to call and get a rude custserve in manilla and they say" tough luck" in so many words when you say "your site show the item still in stock as of now, shouldn't you fix that" when they said it "wasn't in stock". They don't acknowledge what you say nor say it will be fixed, its tough luck, like I should just be grateful Target exists. I can live without Target, ( their prices aren't that much better, they dont have things others don't) they cannot live without customers. I expect when they screw up, for them to promise to fix it, a goodwill credit, something to show they are worth my time and respect customers. They interrupted to flatly deny anything was wrong on their part, reiterated it was the manufacturers fault when its the fault of Target and their website. I said you lost a customer. I know they don't care, and knowing that about a business is the end for me. I refuse to reward all these dumb, sloppy business practices and dont trust such businesses with my financial information. Remember the data breach?Sloppy, probably cost cutting, profit measures led up to this. Do not link important cards toTarget! Better yet, don't do business with them if possible and definitely don't reward them any time they do anything shady like cancel items they claimed were in stock, block your card with pending charges you dont know when or if they will be credited back.( I had terminate business with an online retailer notorious for cancelling and not returning credit for over 2 weeks and counting.)

"Target data breach victims will likely get anything, and even fewer will get the maximum $10, 000 they're eligible for as part of a $10 million settlement granted preliminary approval on Thursday.

The burden of proof of losses is on consumers, security experts say. Potentially more than 100 million customers were affected by the breach in November and December of 2013. Of those who take the time to file a claim, many will likely get only $50 to $100, says Brian Yarbrough, consumer research analyst with Edward Jones.

So Target may end up paying out only a small portion of the $10 million because that money pot is only available to "those consumers who can demonstrate loss.

Feb 1, 2019

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