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I was doing the self-checkout, stepped away for a second to return my basket, when the gal behind me, in line, stepped up to the machine I was using. I told her I wasn't done yet, she started yelling at me-like it was my fault. This girl kept-up verbally abusing me and standing super close to me. I yelled at her to step back and move away from me (she was less than a foot away and in my face). She and her mother called for security. I would not take my method of payment out until she backed off, she wouldn't and keep hovering over me. Did I mention there were two other self-checkout stations that were open, she could have used? No, she bullied me, until I pointed out she had options. The security guard told me that I couldn't use 'that language' in the store. I have a first amendment right to express my self in any manner I choose. Did I mention the gal was colored? While that has never made a difference to me before, the security guard was also colored and within a blink of an eye, I was in the wrong.

Never again Target. Never again.

Nov 28, 2016

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