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On 14JUL17 we purchased items using the Target Red Card from the Target located at 12200 Blue Valley Pkwy, Overland Park, KS 66213 with the store general manager Courtney. Our card wouldn't run through and we thought it was the issue the store told us they had a few days prior. We tried to explain this to Mrs. Sharon Caldwell, the front lane supervisor and she said very loudly, "No, you're probably over your limit." I then ask to speak with a manager because Mrs. Sharon Caldwell was not listening to us. She said that she was the manager and continued to tell us we must be over the limit. I asked to speak to a different manager and she said she would suspend the transaction and try it at a different machine and that sometimes that is the issue. At this point I was very frustrated because why wouldn't you try that in the first place, instead of yelling that we were over the limit? I said I would like to speak to a different manager, since she continued to be rude. The store manager walked up and he introduced himself as the manager. During the point that we were explaining what was happening Mrs. Sharon Caldwell had then started interjecting into our conversation so I asked her to please leave. She scoffed at me then said as she was walking away she said loudly to another Target cashier that was going to take my picture.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Overland Park, KSShe went and retrieved her cell phone where I then turned around and told her if she took my picture or published anything online I was not giving her my consent and will take legal action against her. Speaking with the manager at Target I found out that Mrs. Sharon Caldwell is not a manager at the store, she is a front lanes supervisor. This was incredible inappropriate for any employee from any company to lie about their title when an customer is asking to speak with a manager and for them to retrieve their camera to take a picture of a customer.
Mrs. Sharon Caldwell had no reason as an employee of Target Corporation to go retrieve her electronic device and take a customers picture. I have no idea why she would want to take or posses a picture of myself, however I can only think that it was for intimidation. Having said that, I feel uncomfortable as a customer of Target Corporation with someone who would lie about his or her title as manager and be willing to take a picture of a customer having access to my personal information. I found my experience to be absolutely abhorrent and would like for Mrs. Sharon Caldwell to be removed from her supervisory role at the store. Anyone who would represent a company the way that Mrs. Sharon Caldwell did should not be in a position to train or supervise other employees nor should they have access to customer’s personal information. This was a clear violation of personal privacy and should be acknowledged by Target Corporation.

Jul 14, 2017
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  • Ta
      Sep 29, 2017

    This reviewer, Sophia M, neglected to mention she was demanding the 5% discount for using the red card even though she was using a different form of payment. When I told her we don't offer the discount unless the red card is used, she flew off the handle and demanded a manager.

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  • Ta
      Oct 03, 2017

    Hey sophia m... you are a psycho... why don't you review target instead of attacking someone personally. you are a bully and a coward.

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  • Ta
      Jan 20, 2018

    Hi Sophia

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