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I ordered some items last week and was informed that the delivery would be affected on Friday - I received a sms to state the the parcel was on it's way and then 30 minutes later that nobody was available to receive the parcel, while my wife was at home and nobody rang the bell. The delivery was then rescheduled for today Monday and I get exactly the same message that 'nobody was available to receive it" when my wife and I have been at home the whole time. At least the last delivery that I received the courier had the curtesy to call and inform me when they were to deliver. I'm afraid the service from Takelot has declined significantly since teaming up with Mr. Delivery. I have no doubt that that the delivery person has never even been to my house and just does not effect delivery for their own reasons.


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      Dec 01, 2017

    Their delivery people are looking to save money by combining deliveries in an area I think...also have had this problem and its making me think twice about using TakeAlot or is it WaitaLot! Like for example there is a courier company here in Durban that is mostly operated by Muslim folk. You know its mosque day on a Friday so 9 out of 10 times you won't get your delivery on a Friday! Its things like this. The courier company fails to understand that its business not a home made mickey mouse thing and I think Takealot or WaitaLot has linked up with Mickey Mouse!

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