Takealot / laptop-unauthorised swopped processor board - downgraded without permission

To whom it may concern I make reference to reference number RRN-09ba-a8d4 log on 24 April 2018. 1. We have received this unit on 04 June 2018, Upon trying to recover the system, it was noted that the recovery discs was not compatible with this laptop. 2. Thereafter we checked the specifications of this machine, and to our surprise found out that the replacement motherboard and components are not to the original machine specifications. The machine has been downgraded (unauthorised) from and i7 -7th generation to a i5 processor board. 3. This unit was received in a poor condition, scratches on the top of the lid and underneath the unit. This seems like screwdriver marks. I have tried to contact the repair center, but there is no answer!!! PLEASE COLLECT THIS MACHINE AS A MATTER OF URGENCY. NOTE: I DO NOT ACCEPT THIS UNIT IN THIS CONDITION, IT NEEDS TO BE EITHER REFUNDED OR REPLACED WITH A NEW MACHINE. I AM A VERY DISAPPOINTED TAKEALOT.COM CUSTOMER.

Jun 07, 2018

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