Takealot / fraud

South Africa

16 january 2019
the lady Thabitsng said i won voucher for swapping my credit card i have 15thousand point which i will get voucher to buy to many shops she mention pick n pay and petrol stations for petrol, then she ask me the expiry date of my credit card and the number of the card, then she said the bank will call me after 7 days tto tell me how much i will get for tha 15thousand point hen she send me a mesg which she sk me to send it back to her again. then my money went out from my credict card i was suprised, i ran to the bank same time which they cried to stop the card and the money with no avail.
so i need my money back please i didnt buy anything if i did where is it because its been 3 weeks now after my money went through to you. i have sms es plus the letter from the bank proof of that money which was taken
my name nokuthula kubheka contact [protected] [protected]@gmail .com
please contact me about full information
all i want its my money back please

Feb 7, 2019

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