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A friend invited me to join her "tagged" group. I read through all of their policies and it looked legit. I then provided my cell phone to register. They sent me a confirming text and then all hell broke loose. I started getting horoscopes sent to my cell in the form of text messages from "40544". I had no idea why I was getting these but eventually googled 40544 and replied with a STOP. I then found out they were charging my cell carrier $9.99 a month for the privilege of receiving their text spam! Within a week of cancelling 40544, I started receiving messages from Predicto from "654654". I googled that and found out they too were charging me $9.99 a month to receive their spam. What a rip off!! I called their company and complained. They claimed that I signed up and agreed to pay for their spam but I never agreed to that. If it was in their fine print somewhere I certainly didn't see it and they didn't make that clear with Tagged's confirmation text message. I'd love to see these idiots out of business and will agree to join a class-action law suit against them.

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  • Lo
      Jun 27, 2009

    I signed up for an iq test on facebook I am now being charged 9.99 for 40544 as well as 37215 19.98 for 77899 and 14.99 for playphone ringers that I don't evenuse or know what they are what a scam.

    Loretta ODell

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  • Lm
      Jul 15, 2009

    For the 40544 number, I called [protected] and they canceled my so-called "subscription." I also got trapped by the iq test. I received the text "U have now been unsubscribed from the My Luv Crush Horoscopes subscription $9.99 pmth service. [protected] 4 support." and a confirmation number from the customer service representative.

    Then, I asked how I was going to get the 5 month's of charges reversed. They said that they cannot reverse the charges, but will issue a refund in the amount of $49.95 and I should receive the check in two weeks. We'll see.


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  • Sc
      Jun 29, 2010

    I did not give my cell phone number out or sign up for anything. I should not be recieving these Texts. They are unwanted and unasked for. These are essentially harrassing and I I recieve any more "texts" from your company, you WILL be hearing from my Lawyer. Stop scamming people with your so called "contracts" where people agreed to pay these rediculous prices for gargage.

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  • Sj
      Jul 18, 2010

    I've been getting messages from the 40544 number as well, while reading the messages on this board I decided to send the 'stop' message as well, luckily it said I wasn't suscribed to any services, I just hope the spam stops and don't get any surprise charges on my carrier's bill (which in my opinion are high enough)...

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