Taco Bellunethical behavior

J Nov 29, 2017

On Monday November 20th 2017 around 3 in the afternoon, The Team Leader Ms. Abernathy had taken a pregnancy test at this location and had shared the positive results with fellow crew members. One Particular member had recently lost a pregnancy and has found issues with infertility. With this in mind the team leader had made a rather negative and hurtful statement to this crew member. Though gloating about such news is fine and well the manner in which she had distastefully spouted " forgot you have issues keeping those" to this young lady whoso suffering her loss is simply classless and unacceptable behavior! I myself have had a still born birth as recent as March 12th 2017. I found it hurtful to just hear and brings great emotion of sadness and flier as a Mother. For someone in the roll of a leader shouldn't be bulling or harassing another member for not having successful pregnancies but a voice of encouragement and to consider her feelings that her issues air still raw and current. Rubbing her(crew member) face in happiness and laughter about her loss DOES NOT MAKE HER A BETTER PERSON TOMORROW THAN SHE IS TODAY. Such a crewel act is in other areas of employment would be sighted as assault. I can only hope this lovely young lady ( the crew member) can find a better environment to grow in. I would also hope Ms. Abernathy can learn to be a leader which in my opinion could use a new class in her Adult roll as future Parent should she be lucky enough to carry to full term and have a healthy child. Good for you team leader, I remind you to be a better person tomorrow than you are today by being present in your words to all who can hear you.

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