Taco Bellservice

M Nov 23, 2017

I came to your establishment in Greenville, NC, Statonsburg Road. Store number is 26333. On the eve of November 17, 2017, about 10:30 PM, I came IN to the store to order a dinner to take home for my wife and I. I stood at the counter for 10 minutes and NO ONE came to ask for my order, or to politely tell me ... someone will be with you in a moment sir!!! So i left. As I left, an employee was in the parking lot, coming in as I was going out. I told her service I DID NOT receive and she was apologetic. I asked for customer service number/info and was given this info. I was never asked if I still wanted to place an order.

Also, I calledthe number given me... [protected]. I left a message and MY contact info. NEVER received a courtesy return phone call!! I realize I am one person, but with this type of service, I will not patronize your establishments again!!!

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