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Taco Bell / discrimination!

1 Rock Hill, SC, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 803-366-2100

Recently my son Jeron Chisholm was hired by Taco Bell in rock hill sc on heckle blvd, he went through a service called vocational rehab. to get this job; because he is autistic. His first manager by the name of Cassandra help him to the fullest, and then was let go. Then, another manager came in and wanted to fire Jeron on the spot ,without even knowing him. He wants to work and enjoys the people there, then all of sudden he hasn't been put on the schedule in months, because they say they don't have any work. He is a great worker and when shown what to do he does it well. Now I'm thinking that this has all happened, because of his disability. Now, i would like some help, because i got some of my information from employees. please respond, i hope this isn't a case of discrimination.

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      29th of Dec, 2007
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    You don't have to answer these questions on here, but these are questions to get you thinking about your situation.

    A) How old is your son? I believe if they are under 16 they can only work under 20 hours a week, therefore the company may not have many hours to give him with such a limited schedule.

    B) Autism can be a big barrier which it seems like he has overcome with his social worker/case worker from the vocational training. Does many people (employees, customers) agree that your son does his job correctly and good?

    C) Continuing from the last statement, is it possible to get written statements from these people?

    D) I believe (I'm not a lawyer though) that we aren't supposed to be discriminated based upon religion, color, sex, or disability in the USA. If your statements from the average joe (customer & employee) notes that your son is doing his job correctly & that they have heard/seen examples where bosses stated that they aren't putting him on the schedule because he is "###ed"/"slow", etc you should immediately contact the store owner and explain your concern. Please, try to be kind but firm, don't be whinny and/or harassing. Explain the facts: a) that you have statements from co-workers and employees that your son does his job just like anyone & has not been given any hours for the last X weeks. B) That you believe the store manager/assistant manager are discriminating because he is with a disability and you are concerned. C) You have witness statements that heard these bosses state that they weren't given him any hours because he was "slow".

    If these steps don't change anything, then you may want to contact a lawyer because we have civil liberties in the USA & any employer should know that.

    Have a wonderful day.


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      20th of Nov, 2008
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    i was working for charles law at store number 316 in oklahoma City. He came in the job after he had been drinking and was talking to me very disrespectfully. Im a manager in a store with two new crew so we got behind. I close the lobby probably 15 to 20 mins early so that we could catch up with our duties. He has a girlfriend that is the Assitant manager Ruth Lopez she called him to come in because we did not have what we needed instead of her trying to help she just critized and talked very disrespectful to me. This is not the first time i have recorded messages on my phone on how he talks to his staff he also sells marijunna to his staff members. We now have a new district manager named Phill. he does not know what goes on in this store and charles tries to mak it seem like he does nothing. Ruth Lopez also still has here position after slamming a door in my face at the job nothing was done about this incident this happened in front of several crew members. I feel because he has a relationship with her is why nothing happened. This goes on in his store regularly. He continues to disrespect his crew and management team but because he is the store manager nothing is being done and due to employees scared to say anything because of the thought of loosing there job because nothing has been done. I asked for a transfer out of his store because of this and still was not heard. will go to the labor board in the morning and have a talk with them.

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      11th of May, 2010
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    i work at location 17115 in San antonio, and i would like to be heard i went to work on 5/10/10 and had to be there at 4pm and about an hr later i asked who did the grill cause all my tortias were sticking to the grill and nobody answered me but my tortias still kept sticking to the grill and i asked again on who had did the grill and a crew member had told me that it had to be ruben one of or good fast morning shift ppl just didnt put enough stuff on the grill to keep them from sticking and the same time a crew member was telling me that a manager named Lance yelled at me and told me not to worry bout it and to shut up and get the orders out. I had told him that he didnt have to tell me to shut up and didnt have to yell at me over a small question i asked and there is so much stuff going on in my store that the managers dont tell the RGM and when some employee trys to tell the RGM the truth he dont want to listen and i would like to be contacted back on this cause there is so much stuff that needs to be heard bout this store night manager had pushed several employess chocked several employess and still has his job action needs to be taken favoritisim is going on and more that needs to be heard so please take action on this matter

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