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Saturday, November 25th at 6pm my family visited the Taco Bell in on 1735 S. Broadway Ave. We ordered 6 meals. 2 meals were not added to the tray so we went up and kindly asked that the other 2 be fixed. They then forgot the dipping sauce with one meal so we went up a second time and politely asked for said sauce. We finished our meal and one of my boys noticed that they didn't get their dessert of cinnamon twists, so while annoyed, we went up the third time and politely showed them our receipt and their mistake. The manager then yelled at my 15 year old nephew, "WHY DIDNT YALL NOTICE THESE MISTAKES ALL AT ONCE?! WHY DIDNT YOU READ THE FREAKING RECEIPT!?"
So, I then go up and ask him to say those things to ME (the adult) and he does, yells in my face so that a fellow employee asked him to stop and be nice and just help the people. I tell him that it's not our fault that our order was wrong and he tells me that the man who took our order was new. I tell him our order was taken properly, it was loaded incorrectly, which is HIS job. And he yells at me again and we all 6 leave. I would also add that we weren't the only unhappy customers in the store at the time and not the only ones to leave angry. I want this man removed from leadership. Yelling at children is unacceptable. Yelling at perfectly friendly and reasonable customers is inappropriate. I will NEVER be back to that location and I will make sure my family, friends, and social outreach venues know that this man is hateful to children as well as adults. I am beyond angry. I don't wish ill on anyone but this man does not deserve a managerial position. I pity his staff.


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      Nov 25, 2017

    If this truly did happen, you may want to contact Taco Bell's corporate office to describe what you experienced.

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