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Allocation saw mill river road elmsford my. Extremely dirty facility. I would have pulled out of line if I was not barricaded in. Very poor customer service. Overcharged. 1 item missing. Quality control is horrible, soggy "crunchy"taco supreme. Taken out of bag immediately. Old brown, lettuce and tomatoes were basically mush. Stale tasting beef. Dried out cheese on tacos, hard dried edges of chicken on chicken soft taco. I said small sized drink with t3 order was charged for and given large, speaker for drive thru order taking was not only extremely dirty, splashed with massive amounts of commercial fryer grease and bent up almost beyond recognition. You could barely hear from it. When I asked the gentleman to let me know what kind of drinks they had. He responded, I barely caught the latter half of Dr pepper as"per" I asked him to repeat twice, and again I heard only muffled unintelligible gibberish. I just said lemonade and hjoped for tge best. There were no drnks listed on menu board, which is so fundamentally flawed, words cant begin to describe. I had one bite of my "crunchy" taco, which the shell was so soggy it stuck to the warapper and pulled away from the taco. Allowing just about all of the contents to come pouring out. I took a bite of what was left and threw it away. Grabbed the second out. Pulled it slowly away from the wrapper. Only half the soggy shell came off this time. I managed to get a one big bite and start to chew, just before the flavor kicked it at the same time as my gag reflex. That, along with the 3rd "crunchy" taco, joined the first in the trash can. I grabbed my chicken soft taco with sour cream, which I was charged an extra 1.00 for. Took one bite, only to hit chunky, hard bits of chicken, along with extremely mushy, almost fermented tomatoes, the faint taste of unnatural fermentation along with the crunchy, dried stale chicken enveloped my whole head with a rotten, putrid flavor and I was no match for the almost immediate gag reflex and subsequent projectile vommit that spewed uncontrollably throughout the front seat of my car. To say this was a terrible experience would be an understatement . Is it enough that I will never eat here again? No, no it is not, I will share this experience as far as possible, not leaving out the fact that, having had only 3 full biteslof this dreaded dining experience and almost immediately throwing up what I hadd eate n and more, this meal still managed to give me severe diahrea for the next 6 hours and I will never eat at taco bell again

Nov 16, 2017
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      Nov 16, 2017

    If you still have the food, you could bring it along with your receipt to the location of purchase for a refund or replacement.

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