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Pearland TexasPearland, US

I work in the vicinity of this taco bell, before my shift tonight I stopped to grab some quick dinner, I ordered 3 tostadas extra cheese & tomatoes, what I got was stale tortillas and what appeared as lettuce, a few tomatoes and a few shreds of cheese thrown at them. I have to say this was down right hurtful and I was infuriated. The business I work for provides plenty of business to this taco bell as far as with employees and our daily clients. I was extremely infuriated and disappointed. Unfortunately it is now to late for me to go back and request my money back, I know to these people we might just be "other customers" but some of don't have time to sit and eat like others ( I work at night- fast paced) but they need to understand that they are serving human beings not animals. Thank you!

Taco Bell
Taco Bell

Mar 13, 2017

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