Taco Bell / customer service

Cantonment, FL, United States Review updated:

I went to the drive thru at your location on nine Mile road in Pensacola Florida . I ordered the 12 pack tacos the girl at the window was rude she said her name was Andrea. She handed me a bag of tacos with no napkins and no hot sauce I waited for her to come back to the window and I asked her for napkins she threw two napkins at me and slammed the window so then I continued to wait for the hot sauce and she opens the window back up and I asked for hot sauce she handed me two hot sauces I said can I have more than two and with a nasty attitude she said I'm only allowed to give you two I said for 12 tacos your only gonna give me 2 hot sauce so she slams the window and gets two more and throws them at me and one fell on the ground she then said I have other people waiting for food and she slammed the window this is rediculious and very poor customer service I will never go back to that location and I'm a paying customer for your products her attitude was very poor and I'll make sure to report to the federal trade commission and the better business bureau and you can bet I will tell people not to go there very unsatisfactory!!

Aug 29, 2017

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