Taco Bell / customer service

Tampa, FL, United States

Well, needless to say I had a less than satisfactory experience at Taco Bell on Monday, 01/30/2017 at 7PM. I went to the location on 1701 E Fowler Ave, Tampa, FL 33612 with my husband and decided to order food. While at the drive thru, I encountered a nasty employee by the name of Carla H. My husband ordered two chicken quesadillas, one with light sauce. Carla made a comment into the speaker that my husband did not hear, so he politely repeated one quesadilla should have light sauce. Without missing a beat, Carla yelled into the speaker, "I SAID LIGHT...CREAMY...JA-LA-PE-NO!!!" She said this as if my husband was slow and she had to break it down extra for him. Once we got to the window, I asked for a manager immediately. I was greeted by a girl with dreads and gold teeth, who looked dumbfounded from the get go. I explained to her what happened and I asked for the number to the corporate office. She advised me that I would have to contact the store to speak with someone else named Carla on Wednesday because they are a franchisee. Not to mention, when Carla came back to the window, she continued to be condescending. Also, my husband and I ended up getting sick from the food, which led me to believe something had been done to it since we spoke with the manager before we got our food. I contacted the store today, 02/01/2017 at 2:30PM and spoke with a manager named Markesha. I told her I was told to ask for Carla when I contacted the store so she could file my complaint. Markesha advised me that there was no manager at the store named Carla, only the rude employee that took our order previously. Markesha was very sympathetic to my complaint and provided me the phone number to the complaint line and told me she would pass my information along to the higher ups because me and my husband ended up getting sick from the food. I am extremely frustrated with this store because I have never encountered such rude service and then on top of everything else, my husband and I mysteriously get sick. I am definitely going to make sure that I leave a review everywhere I can and I will also contact the corporate office myself to make sure something is done to this store. I need whoever trains these employees to teach them favorable customer service.

Feb 1, 2017

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