Taco Bell / craving deal

Gwynn Oak, Maryland, US

Good Morning All,

I would like to log a Consumer Compliant against Taco Bell 029372, 6664 Security Blvd, Baltimore, Maryland [protected]. On 16 November [email protected]:19:23 PM I purchased the Craving Valued Meal advertised at $5.00, but was charged $5.99. The person that help me Charles O indicated to me that the Computer was providing a incorrect charge of $5.99, Knowing this I asked him was a planning on honoring the correct advertised price? He indicated to me that he would fix this later. okay, rather than fix the problem then he adjusted my sell to reflect a Senior Discount of $0.60. making my sale $5.39 Plus the taxes. My order was for the dining room and the whole time I was there transaction, after transaction was taken incorrectly. I explained the Mr. Charles O that I was a Weights and Measures Inspector and that practice was not correct and that prior to making any additional sales the advertised price would have to be provided to the consumer. After dining at 14:00 and when I was to leave the pricing had not been corrected. My order Number was 269442.


Thomas C. [censored]an Jr.
1909 Edgewood Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21216

Taco Bell

Nov 21, 2017

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