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Ive known this for awhile but friends told me tonight I had to report it. You have a girl working at Taco Bell who mostly cleans up (fat brunette, kinda curly hair) . I've been in the store lots after my job is over. I've watched her a not, and she's really a slob. She always looks dirty, greasy, isn't friendly, half way wipes tables and seems to either be fighting with some guy or is on her phone sneaky like. She also whines and complains a lot and the past few times I've seen her outside she was bawling and swearing in the parking lot at some guy who was trying to quiet her down. I don't know who the guy is but he puts up with a lot of her abuse. That chick hits and hits him hard but he never hits back. Anyway, word is getting around about her psycho attitude. I like your tacos and nachos but seriously, I don't want anything to do with this psycho chick. BTW, word is out (she told my best friend) that she keeps her guy under control by beating the crap out of him. That she likes to scare him, take his money etc. Yeah, I'm sure he has his problems but no one deserves to be beat up. I couldn't believe how she treated him. She makes me wonder how she treats other people that she works with.

  • Updated by CustomerKiki, Mar 18, 2017

    I think her name is Chas, Chels, or Chelsity. None of us can remember for sure.

Mar 18, 2017
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  • Mk
      Mar 21, 2017

    Taco Bell on Ponce de Leon at Jackson in Atlanta GA no longer serving Dr Pepper!!! Is this only this store or systemwide? do we bring it back?

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