Taco Bell / alexandria ky store

We ordered 6 crunchy tacos plain, and 2 chicken enchritos, we received 8 bean burritos, 4 bags of Doritos chips and 7 Doritos tacos. After we ordered we were asked to wait for our food and we waited for a total of almost 15 minutes. then someone brought only 4 drinks. We told her that was not our order and then she went back inside. Then another lady came out and brought our food what we suspected was our food when it was a completely incorrect order and it was somebody else's food. They refused to remake our food and refuse to give us a refund for the food that we should have gotten when we did not receive. She told me that we're so sorry we are busy and running behind. And that she was not going to remake the food because of that the tacos were mushy and non-edible. At that point all we did was ask for a refund and it was refused. We left the store with no food and having spent $30.

Nov 24, 2017

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