T-Mobile USA Metro PCSmetro pcs took phone phone under warranty unethical behavior

About three weeks ago, went to metro pcs by t mobile east silver springs store in ocala fla. On nov 9. Went to that store because, my wife phone could mot make any phone calls out. He checked the sim card, told if it was that it was 15.00 put a new one in wasn't that so he said that the phone is under warranty told us to pay 20.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Ocala, FL00 for shipping my wife didn't want to pay he had the phone, so he said ok when I get the phone pay shipping handling,

One week later I go back to store and ask what about my phone, he says go to 27th ave that where warranty phone are. He send a text message to the store, say get it end of week took my phone number to let me know, I called 27th ave 200 store ocala fla no names to be shipped no phone as of dec.1 have to pay 80.00 on dec11 he never put the phone to be replaced. Lied
Unethical behavior curse at us).
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Dec 01, 2018

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