T-Mobile / t-mobile contract violation with plan

United States

Basically I don’t call a lot:I use less than 100 minutes out of 300 minutes allowed by my basic plan. So, to cut off more price (in order to save extra money) I had discussion a few option with your representative on late October or early November 2011, the representative told me that if I make a contract for 2 years, I can keep this plan with reduced price (27.6$, a 10 $ off from the current bill) and direct me to make a contract for 2 years (until November2, 2013).

However, when I checked the bill this Saturaday, i.e. yesterday, your company is still charging 37.7$. In that case, the representative deceived me to make a contract by providing false information or fradulent incentive. This is a scam that should not occur in an established company like T-mobile!! I strongly believe that if you look for the date in which I signed the contract you will find the name of the representative and the voice record of the conversation. I believe that if this is an intentional deception, the representative should be fired. Please, resolve this issue.

If the representative didnot say that I can reduce the charge on the bill, I wouldnot make the contract!!!


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