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T-Mobile - St. Joseph, Missouri / unfair charges

1 United States

I'm a single mother of two teenage daughters who works very hard for my money-70-80 a week to be exact! I have a family plan with t-mobile and I spend 120.00-160.00 a month on mine and my oldest daughter's phones. In late winter of this year we decided that we wanted to "upgrade" to better phones, so we went in to the t-mobile store and picked out two Samsung t-309 phones...then came my own little armpit of H_LL!!! My phone was really jacked up. It got NO reception ANYWHERE, the alarms would go off at completely wrong times, it would light up and blink on and off ALL the time...I mean JUST JACKED UP!!! So I called t-mobile and they sent out another one-cool. I got that one and set it all up and went to charge it on the second night and it would not charge. Luckily I hadn't sent back the first one yet,so I called them again and they sent out another one to replace BOTH of the others. I got the THIRD phone and sent back the second one, since the first one was bad but could at least be used, and that's what they told me to do. When I got the third phone I sent back the first and went on. Well, that phone was even WORSE than the other two, so I found myself on the phone with t-mobile AGAIN, but this time it was worse. By that time, my daughter was having alot more problems with her phone-she very reluctantly admitted that she also needed a new one(you know16 year olds-they'd rather DIE than give up their phone). Only this time when I got t-mobile on the phone, they said that they were having so many of these problems with these Samsung t-309 phones, that they were now replacing all of them with MOTOROLA V-360s-a completely different brand!!! Now that must be bad that they aren't replacing them with other Samsungs! So I had them sent out-just to keep you up to speed, these are phones number FOUR and FIVE! We got our brand new Motorolas in a few days and began to set up MORE new phones(youknow it gets REALLY old doing this time and again). Well, that was last month and everything has been okay.

This is where the story gets REALLY BAD!!! On my bill this month (four months after all of this started with the terrible Samsungs) I had a "restocking charge" for 156.91!!! I called them on September 28th to have this taken off. The girl, Theresa, said that she showed that all of the handsets had been returned and said that she took the charge off. The next day was the day to pay my bill and I did that at 4 in the afternoon. They shut off my service because of this charge! So I called them back and they said that the charge couldn't be taken off because THE VERY FIRST HANDSET WAS MISSING!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? If the FIRST one was still not accounted for, why did they send out FIVE more and then charge me for it FOUR months later. I sent them ALL back, and they still won't turn my service back on. When I call, they don't help me even though I've always paid my bill and they HANG UP ON ME! I only have the cellphones because I can't afford alot. I just want someone to help me. Trust me, nobody else would want to be treated like this and I have NOBODY TO HELP ME!!!!! Toni Taylor, St. Joseph, Missouri 64507-I would give you my phone number, but you couldn't call it anyway.


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