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T-Mobile / my phone lost in warehouse

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On April 29th I switched from my previous provider to T-Mobile, with the Family plan of 2 lines. Also I purchased from t-mobile’s website two iPhone 5s. After I started to use my phone, I found that it was defective /it turned off automatically several times during usage/. So next day I placed the replacement order via phone. I WAS CHARGED $152.19 FOR THAT REPLACEMENT ORDER AS WELL. On May 16, the same day when I got my replacement iphone I sent to T-Mobile's warehouse the defective one. I packaged it
personally at the UPS station. Warehouse received the device on 05/21/2013 at 10:00 A.M. I have UPS
confirmation. After my calls over two weeks they kept saying it was returned but not processed, and this could take up to 30 days. Today again I called but this time I was told that warehouse received the package but the phone wasn't in it!!! I physically packaged it myself in the UPS station and was very careful to do all steps and I sealed it in front of the UPS clerk.
I have terrible experience with T-mobiles warehouse... First I get defective phone from them, then instead of 1
business day I got my replacement in 8 days…I was with that defective phone for 8 days…it disconnected several times during my conversations…I don’t want to explain what that mean for me and for my business. Now I can not get my money back because it was lost in warehouse...!!!
I know other people have had problems similar issues with the warehouse lost phones or messing up the orders.
Does anyone have any advice? I am very disappointed and frustrated .I am trying to get my money back for appx. 20 days. but still there is no hope in the horizon. If anyone has had a similar issue and was able to solve it, I'd love to know what course of action got this resolved for you.

Jun 9, 2013
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  • Bl
      9th of Jun, 2013
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    I would contact the better business bureau...I when into their store to buy a non contract phone. I told them right up front..After picking the phone they had me sign some papers. AFTER I signed the preceded to tell me I had signed up for a 2 year contract. I told them I didn't want a contract and I wanted out. The manager told me "Tough Luck your in" I contacted the company and they said they couldn't do anything. Contacted BBB. They helped me get out of contract. Had it straightened up in less then 2 weeks. Give the bbb a try they will help you if they can. If not threatened them with court! Good luck!

  • Te
      12th of Feb, 2014
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    I tried to change to T-Mobile after we moved (had previously tried but could not get phones or service). Well guess what second time around same thing except I purchased three phones and an I-Pad. The two I-phones were shipped out after the first order and there was no paperwork in the box at all. When we tried to get one of the I-phones to work, well no service at all. They apologized and said to send them back. So, I took all four items to a pack and ship company and purchased a box to ship the items back to them. I put the two I-phones back in the box they were shipped to me in and included it in with the other two items. Well guess what, they show they received the first order back but not the I-phones. It seems to me like they have a problem with these phones turning up missing. Luckily I watched the guy (who verified the phones were in the box) and he closed it up and put the return sticker from the first order on it (While noting both orders on the label). Somehow the I-Phones have disappeared. Customer Care has just sent out another handset tracking form so we will see what happens. At least I have proof that I shipped them all back in the same box.

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