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The G1 (google phone) from t-mobile has severe problems in getting cellular or data signals and t-mobile refuses to give a refund. I was anxious to get the new Google phone and only t-mobile offers it so far. I bought it 11/3/2008 and couldn't wait to use it's data service to get on the internet. Well it didn't work most of the time and when it did it was slower than a 1200 baud modem.

After a couple days I called t-mobile customer service and they knew less that I did about the phone. So I got on the site and checked the forums to make sure it was set up correctly and still no luck. I called back later and the CS staff were still clueless. Finally on 11/20 I demanded a supervisor and they opened a service request but would not be able to get back to me for 72 hours.

No one got back to me and I called again on 11/24. I finally got and 'advanced technician' and he assured me the problem would get fixed and he would be the last person I needed to talk to. Well, it did not get fixed and I was very annoyed because I was at work and I thought this would be a short call. Wrong, and the steps I went through left me with a brick and he thought I needed a replacement and I should call from home and ask for a replacement. When I got home I was finally able to reboot the G1 and I called t-mobile again but they refused to send a replacement. I talked to a Manager who said she would definitely get my problem resolved.

Wrong again so the next day I went to Costco and they gave me a replacement. The 3G worked a little bit better but would always drop back to Edge and get so slow that the pages would not even load. I left a voice mail for the manager and never got a call back. But I got a call from a local number saying the cells looked ok in my area. I called him on 12/2 and never got a call back either. And when I got to work there was no cell (or data) service at all.

So when I called again on 12/4 I was told by a supervisor this would really be fixed for good this time. She would get all the service requests out right away and they should know something in 72 hours. What is interesting is that I have to repeat the same information on each call. They don't remember my home and work addresses and they don't remember that I get no signal so when they call my cell phone there is no answer. Even though each time I've told them to call my home number.

I got a call back on 12/11 and told them I still did not get a cell signal (no bars) at work and the cell and data reception was intermittent. Well the wrong the tickets were done and new ones had to be done. And, oh by the way, you will have to wait 72 hours again.

This was too much and I asked for a refund but was told I could only get $5 from her and I needed to talk to a supervisor. The supervisor said no to a refund for the last/first month where I've had no consistent service at home and no service at all at work. Or if I wanted she could cancel the service but I would have to pay the termination fee. I asked to speak to a manager and she said NO to that also. The best she could do was give her a message and – you guessed it – I would have to wait another 72 hours.

Phoenix and Scottsdale are large areas and there is no excuse for not having service in these areas. My prior cell phone company did. Plus, t-mobile's own web site shows the coverage in both my home and work locations to be excellent. I counted on that information to be honest before deciding to change to t-mobile. Now because of their stall tactics I'm locked into a contract. I have yet to contact the FCC to see if what they are doing is legal or not and I still have to talk with Costco to see what options are there.

I hope others learn from my experience and avoid T-Mobile. They cannot provide the cellular service they promise and their Customer Service is the worst of any cell phone company I've experienced or heard about.

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  • Sc
      Dec 25, 2008

    I am having lots of issues with Tmobile and TLC. First of all, I had to report them to the BBB four times before they sent me my husband's booking request form. Then they called me last week to book a flight for this week, of course I had already purchased the tickets.

    Then the representatives proceeded to tell me that they do not have my husband's name in the system, I need to send them the booking request form. I have proof that TLC received the booking request form, it was sent certified mail and they signed for it three months ago.

    I reported them to the BBB again and got a call from Elizabeth Powers, I left her two messages and she has not called me back.

    This promotion was a scam and someone needs to start a class action. I am in the process of contacting a few class action attorneys to see what can be done. Obviously I'm not the only one having these issues. There are stories all over the internet similar to mine. Tmobile/TLC are running a scam together and all they do is play mind games by telling customers to contact the other one.

    There needs to be a class action where even if we cannot get our flights we get compensated from the two year contract we were tricked to sign up for. It is now December 2008, the booking request form expire in March 2009 and TLC wants to send me another booking request from for my husband even though they signed for it three months ago. I still have a copy of the return receipt.

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  • Ju
      Jan 04, 2009

    On or about November 25th, 2007 I signed up for a 2 year family plan with BOTH my T-Mobile accounts which had family plans, under a Free Flight promotion sponsored by TLC Marketing. Under the terms of this agreement I am entitled to 2 round-trip flight tickets per account, which would be a total of 4 tickets. I qualified and met all of the requirements necessary for the promotion. I went online to the website T Mobile gave me to check the status of my entry/applications and ALL 4 numbers were approved and met the requirements.

    In late February, after calling T Mobile a half a dozen times to inquirer about my booking forms, I was sent 4 separate Booking Request Forms around March 2007.

    At the end of March 2007, I mailed one of the Booking Request Forms in to book a flight for my brother to visit me in New York. It then took two more months and 50 more calls from me to T Mobile to finally get the number to try to book the flight. Low and Behold, NONE of the dates or locations I selected were available. I was told the travel agency/booking dept can only check three options at a time, per call and that they were unable to tell me which days were open. So, I proceeded to call numerous times over and over and over and over, only to be told by each booking agent that the dates nor locations were available. This went on for weeks. After which, my brother's availability to travel became less frequent because he had to go back to school.

    After seeing that this whole promotion was far more duplicitous than it advertised when T Mobile got their customers to sign additional two year agreements for this Free Flight Promotion, I hurried up and mailed in the other three Booking Request Forms to get those names in the system so we can start trying to get SOME KIND OF FLIGHT out of it.

    I have been calling and getting the runaround from all parties involved. Although, T Mobile acknowledges that I do in fact have two different account that are on Family Plans thus, entitling me to my 4 Free Flights, I have since been told by the Supervisor at [protected] that TLC Marketing says that I am NOT entitled to 4 Free Flights, only One.

    How the HELL did that happen? I qualified through each number. I got 4 separate Booking Request Form. I have two accounts with two different Family Plans. How can it be decided that I am not entitled to my 4 Free Flights ALL OF A SUDDEN when T Mobile agrees that I am?

    I have been told by each party I talked to that there is NOTHING they can do to resolve this matter. AND that TLC Marketing does not have a phone number to call anyone directly. If I want it escalated further, I would need to send an e-mail to: [protected]

    This has gone on long enough. I have not been able to redeem a single Free Flight and it is now going on One Year. I want this thoroughly investigated, AND I want my Free Flights OR I want out of my T Mobile Contract ASAP with no early disconnect fees applied, so I can go to Verizon, where Customer Service has always been their specialty.

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  • Nu
      Feb 27, 2009

    I just got a text message from [protected] it says its coming Tmobile and my local credit union. IT IS A SCAM!!! If you call the number it wants you to enter in credit card, social and password information. I contacted Tmobile, their response was "We are working on it". If Tmobile was aware of this scam then why have they not notified their customers!!! Once again Tmobile has not risen to the occasion.

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  • Ma
      May 01, 2009

    T-Mobile is a vary bad company they charge 20cents a text message on a plan with UNLIMITED text messaging they are charging 300 a month on a plan that is only 80 get the run around and nothing is dont not to mentaion the service is just terriable cuts out and drops calls constantly horriable service we now have NET10 never once have we dropped a call or have had calls cut out

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