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T-Mobile / unscrupulous underhanded and unethical behavior

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I have been with T-Mobile since the Aerial days, and must say the service and support has declined dramatically over the years, until finally, I just had enough. Every month or so, the signal degraded until finally I could no longer get reception anywhere, including my home, which had worked for about a decade. Their support people were not only rude, but also incompetent. I was tricked into changing my plan, as I was grandfathered into a great rate, only to find out that they not only misrepresented what I would get on my new plan, i.e. t-zones and unlimited internet, but also boosted my charges into orbit. I was also promised I could go back to my old plan if I was not happy. Not true. It really wasn’t about the money, as I was accustomed to having bills as high as $1,800.00 ... once it was $1,400, because they signed me up for unlimited internet and then charged me by the packet. Absolutely Ridiculous. I changed to a blackberry, which they could barely get to work, and paid top dollar for it, with the promise that I could go back to my previous plan if I was unhappy (Should have been wise to them after they pulled this one on me the first time). Don’t fall for this. Not only could I not go back, but I was out over $400 bucks for a device that didn’t work, and a 2 year contract to get into my new crappy plan. I raised enough of a stink that they promised to unlock my Blackberry phone, so at least I could sell it. This they also changed their minds on, and decided keep the lock my phone, making it for the most part, a paper weight. This is quite unfair, I paid for the phone, it is my asset, my property, and they crippled it. At this point, I was pretty much fed up with T-Mobile, and gave them an ultimatum. Either fix my issues, or Cingular would. Once again, T-Mobile promised to work with me, unlock my phone and try to figure out what the problem was, but once again, they decided not to unlock my blackberry, and ignore my service issues. As I promised, I made the jump to Cingular. I had to purchase yet another Blackberry, because T-Mobile would still not unlock my device. (Note: the Cingular transition went off without a hitch.. They did exactly what they promised, and then some)

T-Mobile called, now demanding $200 dollars for breaking my contract, and another $100 for my monthly bill. My take was, no way! I feel they owe me money for my device! And as for the contract, I just signed it, nothing was working right, the contract is a 2 way street! They must provide service as promised, or the contract is null and void! My house is clearly on the map for supported areas, not to mention that I was promised that if this did not work, I could cancel. I refused to pay... After working with their billing folks, I agreed to pay the bill, if they unlocked the phone. They felt that was reasonable (I didn’t, as I felt the contract issue was totally unfair, but would have paid it just to make this all go away). Once again, they changed their minds, and refused to send me the unlock, and once again, I refused to pay. I now am being hounded by credit bureaus, threatening to damage my credit.. but, still I will not pay. It is just wrong. In summary, this would never have had to escalate to this point if T-Mobile had just been honest, upfront, and provided the service as agreed. As it stands now, they might have put a dent in my otherwise stellar credit rating, but I have cost them countless customers by sharing my experiences with everyone I deal with personally and professionally. With the competition for cell phone service being at a peak, T-Mobile should at least try to buff off their already tarnished reputation. I feel their unscrupulous underhanded and unethical behavior is rapidly catching up with them.

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  • Li
      20th of May, 2013
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    I was call into the a t mobile store to upgrade my phone. I decide not to change my phone or service to the phone. With out my sign anything they charge me for a headset that I never received. now the want 275.00 for leaving a contract that I was not in. my bill was pay up.

    Now I too have to worry about my credit.

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