Synchrony Bankunethical behaviour

I been a walmart credit card holder for a couple of years and this is not the only credit card i have with this bank i recently had an issue with the bank where they were double charging me for a purchase i made when i reach out to the bank they stated i needed to reach out to the merchant i did that there was allot of back and fourth bank said i needed to reach merchant merchant said i needed to reach out to bank that they did eveything on their part with sending them a email to remove the hold so i had to do a 3 way call with walmart and the bank just to get this issue resolve walmart manager told the manager on the phone at the time why did they continue with the hold and i wanted to know as well the manager was rude refuse to answer or would state that walmart did not send them a email yes i was very frusterated it is the holidays and i could of use that ive always payed off my credit on time never has this bank removed credit from me in my opinion and its my opinion the manager that i dealt with on behalf of the walmart situation did something to my account for this to happen it never happen to me before so why all of a sudden after a incident with over charge and now my credit is gone i dont think thats fair to me as a cardholder especially that nothing has change since one year ago till now so please i would highly apprciate if someone can reach out to me on behalf of this situation thank you very much genise lemes

Dec 07, 2018

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