Super 8 Worldwide / lack of compassion or care for customer

7171 w Chandler blvd Chandler, Az, United States

After losing a day of work and being in the middle of a hotel fire and shoot out with a disgruntled guest the only thing the employees wanted to knows is if we were to pay for an extra night or we needed to exit out room asap which we could not due to the fact our car was being blocked in by emergency vehicles, I informed them the police and bomb squad had my car blocked off because it was right next to where the guy dropped the bag with all of his guns and other belongings, and the only conceren for them was if we were going to pay more money to stay.. We were never asked if we were ok, or even offered another room for the inconvenience or even at a discounted rate. This hotel is clearly only concerned with money and not the safety of the customers at all.

Super 8 Worldwide

May 12, 2017

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