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Decorah, IA, United States
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We had spent over $450 on this, I'm sorry to have to say this but, low quality budget inn. The staff were Very awkward and rather un- friendly. Someone in our "group" asked the only lady at the front desk at the time we were attempting to check out, if she was working at the front desk. Her reply, "no". Then asked her for a comment card or a place or chance to voice any feedback and she says " Nope. There's no place to do that."
"So if you're not happy about a poor experience, you all don't care to know? No one cars if we / they had a great or incomplete experience? "
"Not really..."

That was our reply from a lady wearing a smock. It was a poor experience. I checked but the doughnuts I had found in my dressed drawer were yuck. There's only THREE drawers in these rooms. Yet, they were not checked prior to our arrival only adding to the common theme which has been observed. Bought a double room but I don't know what the other room is.

One other thing is there are no pictures online of this Super seems odd that y'all don't allow people a better view of this hotel to assist people in their final decision making of whether to stay here or not.

I AM looking for a reply and assurance that someone with an ability to see this through, for EVERYONES sake, and make sure SOMETHING positive maybe come out of this lengthy but informative review.


Aug 01, 2016

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