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SunTrustBank / stole my money

1 Okeechobee, FL, United States Review updated:

I was 2 weeks late for my truck payment. I finally made it right before thee 2nd one was due. I went online to pay my monthly bills and discovered SunTrust Bank had totally wiped out my bank account. (My checking account and loan account are both at SunTrust Bank) They didn't just take the payment due, they took all my money and bounced a debit that I had made for my groceries. I guess they are going down like all the rest of the banks. Americans BEWARE! The banks are getting bailouts, but who is going to help us??? I guess the billions of dollars in bailouts were not enough, now they're stealing customer's money too.

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  • Rw
      25th of Feb, 2009
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    Same thing with me. Except it happend at Suntrust AND BB&T. The BB&T account was my grandmothers acct that my name happened to be attached to. No notice. They say it is legit. I do not call raiding an account legal. How is this consumer friendly? My acct with BB&T was in dispute. Now they took that right away and paid themselves. They won't get another penny from me. I will NEVER DO "RELAtIONSHIP BANKING" again. My loans will be at separate locations than my personal accounts.

  • Wh
      4th of Mar, 2009
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    OMG!! COME ON!!! You really think we believe that?? They will not take your money unless you are further behind!!! Oh wait... maybe you had already worked out a plan previously??? That's it!! If that's the case, they can do what they want if you are not sticking to your part of the deal!! Which I doubt was the case.

  • Tw
      24th of Apr, 2009
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    We have made every monthly payments before the late fee due date to Sun Trust for our Mortgage . In March $1, 900.00 of the payment was made in cash. They applied our April payment to March and claimed they waved a late fee. Meantime, the March payment we paid was not applied. Now they claim April is deliquent. We have a receipt for the payments along with other months we have made. The bank has research the issue. Found evidence that we gave them the money but have not applied it to our account because they claim they don't know where the money is. In the meantime, they are sending us letters of foreclosure risk. When ever we call them or go to the bank the first thing they want to know is when we are going to make the payments ranging nearly $5, 000. They have our money! They refuse to apply it to the mortgage. They refuse to tell us who we can complain to in terms of their fruad like behavior. We are contacting a lawyer because all of our efforts by phone or in person have not moved us any closer to resolving the problem.

    BeWare! BEWARE!

  • Da
      25th of Sep, 2009
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    i needed to close my account because i was getting behind. The CS rep. said i had to be 2 months behind before they could do a single full time dad of 5... i don't read everything they send but when i go online and look i was current. Thinking i must have made the payment. i thought id wait and see next month...then they cleaned out All my sun trust accounts ...every penny i had to my name..I didn't have any money was alomost stuck at a gas station when i found out my debit card wouldn't work( i didnt have any cash either).. they never told me they were takeiing out the money for months... and then they claimed that i was 90 days late ...beacause i didnt make the payments a self employed contractor... they tried to ruin my life maliciously... they took 2000 on a 3000 cc balance...No one i can find says this is legal...let alone moral...ive been with suntrust for 26 years... bad thing is... all banks are raping customers.I agree... Relationship banking only leads to date rape...

  • Ku
      1st of Dec, 2009
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    "OMG!! COME ON!!! You really think we believe that?? "

    You better belive it they just did me the same way. Held a payout made over the phone and then just "took" the money again. Even went as far as telling me there was no way to make a loan payment by calling 1-800-suntrust and it auto payment thing. I proved it to them they told me I was in the wrong but they still got their two payments and will not put back their mistake. Been with them over 20 years will not be with them after today... If you get a chance to talk with Kennith Folk he is a lier and will missreparesent himself as reporting directly to the heads of the bank. They loan/collections department know they are in the wrong but REFUSES to fix THIER MISTAKE

  • Ol
      21st of Dec, 2009
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    They did exactly the same to me on March 4 2009. They just cleared over $20, 000.00 from my accounts, I woke up that morning and was shaking - I almost went crazy. They claimed they have the right to do that because I have a line of credit with them. That line of credit was paid three times(required payments) in prior month. The money cleared my account but they claimed they did not see it. This is worst than stealing. I fought all the way to the Federal Reserve, nothing happened.

    The president needs to look into these Banks. They are so ruthless. If you ever make a mistake with your account, they will let you pay for it.

    The manager in my branch returned some of these nonsense - NSF - No Sufficient Fund and he was "fired" by the Bank. Like someone said, they pay money that will drop your balance first; while you had already deposited money to cover the rest of your bills. The Bank will not clear your deposit. They put your account into negative knowing full well that you have a deposit pending. Without exaggeration, SunTrust Bank took NSF fees on my account 13 times in a 24 hour period. They kept paying themselves, claimed that I had NSF and they did it 13 times! Absolutely thay have no conscience.

    I also wish they go under. Unfortunately, they will be taken over by another Wolf. All these Banks are the same. The CONGRESS / PRESIDENT have to intervene.


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