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The inefficiency at this SunTrust branch in North Miami Beach is endless.
Four stand in line. I'm number five. Plenty of time to look around. I see a woman across the room wipe her nails with a wad of Lysol wipes she gets from a cabinet on top of her desk. She looks at me and says "Good Morning". I say GM back and keep staring at her. There is nothing else to do when you stand in line and are number 5. One teller is busy with the customers in line while the other is serving the drive in canisters, as slow as Monday mornings go. There are four windows but only two are in use.
I keep staring at the employee who greeted me with GM. Without getting up, she now reaches to a small bottle from the same cabinet above. The Lysol wipes tumble to the floor. She ignores it. She poses the bottle in the middle of her desk for all to see. There is nothing else on her desk. No papers no nothing. Except that little bottle of lotion. She squeezes some of the white goo in the palm of her hand and spreads it all over her hands. Then squeezes some more and puts it on both feet. I still stare at her and she watches me stare. The line progresses slowly because the customer wants to know her balance. Maybe she's off balance?
The woman at her desk now is finished creaming her chubby hands and feet and in comes her co-worker. Late. She sits down and starts a conversation about what happened over the weekend with the chubby employee now smelling of lotion. It is noticeable across the room. Their small talk is audible at the tellers. I'm now number 3. 20 minutes have passed. The Lysol wipes still lay on the floor beside her desk and in clear view of anyone in the office.
I think to myself, if those two are here to help customers, why aren't they more efficient and go behind the glass and serve customers as tellers?
This branch of SunTrust must be getting points on being the slowest and laziest in the banking business.
It's finally my turn. The man who was occupied with the drive in deposits and walks very slowly back and forth says GM. That's how he wants me to know i'm next.
I hand him my wife's check. He asks if it's to cash or to deposit. I, the customer, have to tell him there is a stamp on the back saying FOR DEPOSIT ONLY and the account number...
In the time it took to get this done here at this branch, I could have driven to Hollywood Heights and be back sooner.

Jul 30, 2018
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      Jul 30, 2018

    this comment is weird but I like it, write a book man

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  • Ki
      Aug 07, 2018

    @notreal896 It doesn't end there. A week has passed and I went today again but decided to use the drive-in instead so i wouldn't be annoyed looking at the inefficiencies inside. I drop 2 deposits in the canister and send it in. A male voice says Good Morning and I'll be right with you. I say Thank you. A reasonable few minutes pass and the canister returns and a female voice says: Sorry for the wait, have a nice day. I look inside the canister and it only contains ONE receipt. I panic. Long ago, this happened: i dropped off a list of checks and a one hundred dollar bill as deposit and yes the checks were deposited but NOT the $100 bill. At that time they still had a window so you could see the teller. That has been closed off since then. I got the teller to correct her error but this time around it was my wife's check and i was even more worried. How can they miss this? Two deposits; two accounts; two receipts... I complain and receive the second receipt with a second SORRY, the word most (over)used in America.

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