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Resolved bad customer service

I had to vent this somewhere. How can SunTrust be so bad at what they do?

I had been with SunTrust for more than 7 years, a faithful customer and somewhat biased towards the home team. That all dropped the day I realized I put a "3" instead o f a "4" for the month category under billpay.

SunTrust sent out a check for $980 to my landlord, who cashed it. Since I have a savings account, I don't put a lot of money in my checking, and it was overdrafted. Now, some banks don't cash the check, and you must pay a $35 returned check fee. Not SunTrust. They sent the money out and charged me $35. Ok...

But it doesn't stop there. Though I acceded to their demands and have been getting paperless statements, they figured the best way to contact me about this overdraft was to MAIL me a letter. Four days later, I get a later from SunTrust saying my account is overdrafted. I look online, and see that a check went to my landlord that wasn't supposed to. I go into SunTrust the next day and expain it, and the bank manager says that the excess charges that have racked up since that day ($250) are not their fault, because I put in the date wrong, and so I can't get a refund. I explain to them that is was a simple input error, but the woman was adamant, saying I should be "grateful" that SunTrust took the "courtesy" to pay my incoming charges. I said, LADY! It's not a courtesy when you charge me $35 per transaction, and can't even email me when you're spamming me with junk everyday!

In the end, I switched to BANK OF AMERICA. I don't know, maybe they will suck as well, but I know one thing. There overdraft protection is free, and they provide me alerts when my account goes below a certain amount. To me, those two things are the LEAST SunTrust could do.

Resolved refusal to lend

This letter is being written to document the negative impact the financial institutions are having on our current economy. My name is Jeff Schwarz, and I am one of the largest, private commercial landlords in North Carolina. I have been both an incubator of small businesses and partner to large businesses in the market for over 45 years, and, until recently, have had an outstanding relationship with over 70 community banks. It has recently come to my attention that a local financial institution, SunTrust Bank, refused to renew a small commercial loan that they had owned for 5 years. Immediately, I had one of my employees request renewal terms, and received a response from the bank in less than one week: 12 month renewal, 12% interest rate, 1% origination fee to the bank, and all updated third party reports. These terms are a disgrace to any investor, large or small, and the American public should not have to be forced to deal with issues such as these during this economic crisis. Banks can only make money by lending money, and for an institution such as SunTrust Bank to deny credit, or offer terms that may as well be saying no, is absurd.

As an upstanding member of a small North Carolina community, I am not going to sit back and allow these financial institutions to crush the American Dream. I would like your help, as our elected official, to make an example out of this event and help us, the consumers, fight through this economic turmoil. Consumers are giving these banks billions of dollars in TARP funds, and are not getting anything in return. I am outraged, and hope that you are as well.

  • Yo
    you screwed enough people Apr 26, 2013

    Mr. Schwarz, sir you are full of crud. If you cared about economic turmoil, you sir would stop your employees from doing illegal lockouts and illegally obtaining personal property from businesses and homes that you house in your J&S Wholesale Warehouse. You sir have caused a lot of the economic turmoil in your community. Maybe one day you wont be able to obtain a loan big enough to buy your way out of the courts once someone gets the guts to stand up to your company. Just, maybe sir, you could help out the economy by investing instead of thieving and using smoking mirrors. One day, the small man will step up and let you have back what you and your employees have stolen from your community. The only reason you haven't been caught is because of the power you posses and one thing that is certain, power is not forever.

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Resolved terrible bank

Suntrust Bank and I have heard that others do it as well, but I only have actual experience with Suntrust. When an account go nsf, the bank holds electronic transactions and small debits to your account and Processess the largest transactions first. The time span varies with slightly with the posting deadline, ie weekday or weekend, but they post the largest transactions so they can charge you a $35 fee for each of the smaller ones.

Example. I wrote a check for $100 and did not log in in the register. Later that week when the check was posted to the account, I watched as they withdrew 8 minor transactions and processed the check. Then they reprocessed the small transactions, $3.95, $8, 00, $14.75, $22.00, $5.50, $6.69, $10 and $5.79 and charged me $35 each. Count them, They charge me $280 rather than process charge me $35 for the check, which by the way came in last.

I had verified the balance earlier that day to see if I had enough to make a purchase. I decided not to make the purchase because the balance was low. On my electronic statement, the check had not been presented. The following day, I watched as they withdrew my paid debits, posted the check and then paid the electronic debits again and charged me $35 each time. Letters to everyone in the bank here in Atlanta, in Florida and two other cities yielded no positive results.

the first time it happened, it was only one fee. But the second time, I saw the technology in action and closed my account. We are still in dispute about the debt.

  • Ju
    julius11 Aug 14, 2009

    Oh my goodness, I glad someone notice that too. I stopped calling to get my balance and started balancing a check book register for my atm transaction. Because they do that to me all the time. Its like the hold transaction until I make a purchase thinking I have the money in the bank. And one of those times it caused my rent check to be reversed. I was short $5.00 in my account. The damage from everything was their fee $35.oo but I had to pay over a hundred dollars to my apartment complex for paying late. As soon as i get my direct deposit changed from my job, i am closing them.

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  • Du
    dust2h Aug 23, 2009

    They are terrible...simply put. Many other banks do what you are mentioning so I would recommend a Credit Union first! The problem I have with Suntrust is that they treat you like the criminal should your account information be used fraudulently. It takes several days for you to receive a credit to your account after your card has been used fraudulently, and they are not sympathetic. Their process is to make you fax an afidavid to them, then patiently wait 3-5 business days for your money to be credited on a "temporary credit" until their investigation is complete. What kind of multi-million dollar bank does not have the capacity to simply put a temporary credit IMMEDIATELY into your account...remember fraud is NO FAULT OF YOUR OWN! I am officially done doing business with them and my girlfriend is as well. Just wrote a complaint to them via email but they will probably be out of business before anyone gets around to reading it!

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  • Bg
    BG77 Jun 03, 2010

    This is one area I tend to agree on regarding NSF's - the idea of "largest to smallest" items.

    However, there are really only three ways to do it: Large to small, small to large, or random.

    People say "order they come in" but in reality, all items for a particular date are "batched" so they don't know what was first if it was a paper item or ACH debit. For check card purchases, yes, but otherwise, no.

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Resolved mislead

March 21, 2017 Richard some information deleted. Letter sent to suntrust ceo E. Jenner wood iii 303...

Resolved unauthorised debit from my accounts

At SunTrust right before Christmas I had saved and saved, and deposited money for me to go shopping for my wife and 3 small kids presents. In June we lost our home to foreclosure (and it was only 60 days late). We had a 2nd with SunTrust. Well we had no money to pay the 2nd so I let them know I was fileing bankruptcy. Instead, SunTrust wiped out my checking acct without notice. And NO ONE ever told me they could just take money. They left me with $100 for 4 people's christmas. I made it work but how is this practice legal? How is this consumer protection? If I choose not to pay a debt - it is my money and I can do what I want to with it. I immediately closed the acct. At BB&T - I was in dispute on a old checking acct that I oredered to be closed yet BB&T allowed charges to continue. I was in the hopital 3 times in a row so 3 months went by before I discovered they had allowed $700 in stuff to come through and charged me $700 in fees. This was in dispute and instead - they found a 15 year old account that was my grandmothers. They took $900 out of a 94 year old lady's account because my name was a beneficiary!!! Or a secondary owner. That account was opened with another bank that was taken over by BB&T. They cannot provide me with proof that I agreed to these terms. I guess they can just make up their own rules and if you keep your account you are forced to agree with it. How is this consumer protection?

  • Va
    va_garza Feb 26, 2009

    The same thing happened to me. I am also with BB&T bank and they just took 5400 out of my account. My exhusband filed forclosure on a home, and i was the secondary on the second mortgage. I never recieved a letter or anything. I told them since the payments hadn't been paid in four months that I was more then happy to pay the bill and any late fees to get it up to date, but the only thing they can tell me is since the first mortgage is in foreclosure they will have to see if it is even worth it for them! How can they do that! I understand the second mortgage, and I was even willing to pay even though I never got a notice, certified mail, or even a phone call for that amount. Now my account is in the account is in the negative and they don't even want to negotiate.

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Resolved why won't suntrust accept my offer???

I just can't believe this suntrust bank!! I need some help and advice here on this topic. I owe suntrust bank just a little over $4000.00 and I wrote to their collection dept that I would like to settle this debt with a one time payment of $2000.00 and guess what, they have declined my request to accept this offer. I can't believe this. They insist I should settle whatever I owe in full. This is unbeleivable!!! I think suntrust bank is really up to something. Good people out there if you plan on opening an account with suntrust this is a word of caution. Beware, because they will nickle and dime you and at the end of the day you won't get help from no where. I never thought suntrust would ever do something like this to me. I am dumbfounded. Why won't they take my offer???

  • Wh
    whyme Mar 04, 2009

    They have the right to refuse!! Just like any other bank! I've have made offers to settle with other financial institutions and guess what...???? I was denied! So, it's not just Suntrust!

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  • Ph
    Phil Mar 11, 2009

    Wait...you mean a place you owe a debt to does not have to take an offer for less than the debt...that you actually have to pay what you owe???? What a novel concept!

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  • Co
    common sense here Nov 07, 2009

    You're an IDIOT!!! It sounds like you're the freakin' crook here buddy!

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  • Wi
    wildcat1212 Nov 18, 2009

    How about you give me that 2000 dollars as loan for 2 days and I will give you offer to settle for 1000, would you take it????
    STOP BEING A JERK, be a man pay 2000 and pay rest as installement with INTEREST

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  • Bg
    BG77 Jun 03, 2010

    You have a right to request a settlement, but you do not have a right for them to accept it. Deal with it.

    I've had debt issues too (in the past) and sometimes life sucks.

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Resolved excessive withdrawal fee

Suntrust charged me for taking money out from my own account. Apparently I had too many transfers activities and one withdrawal from my own account. I cannot believe it. Suntrust is a money sucker.

  • Wh
    whyme Mar 04, 2009

    Well it's obvious that you had a "savings" account. That is the only time they would charge for excessive withdrawal fees. If you wanted a checking account, why didn't you just open a checking account?? You got that "fee schedule" when you opened the account. Maybe your forgot to read it, just like everyone else did??

    -2 Votes
  • Xx
    xxemc Sep 04, 2009

    not everyone can get a checking account. they won't let me open a one because i'm a minor. my dad sends his child support by transferring money into my savings account, and i got charged an excessive withdrawal fee for taking money out 3 times in a month. i don't think i should have been charged for that.

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  • Mi
    MikeP71 Mar 25, 2010

    I had over $2, 000 in my savings account at S.T., I made 2 withdrawls in less than 2 weeks and they charged me $4.00. Is that really excessive? I love S.T., everyone I have ever come into contact with has been very friendly and helpful. But that's a dang shame.

    -1 Votes
  • Te
    teri24 Aug 25, 2010

    I have also account from suntrust, and i withdraw $100 twice on my savings. They charge me $4.00 each transaction, total of $8. That is sucks with my own saving i pay if i withdraw. Plan to transfer to different banks. If i were you, be careful opening account from suntrust. Be careful and get first all the info.

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Resolved stole my money

I was 2 weeks late for my truck payment. I finally made it right before thee 2nd one was due. I went online...

Resolved excessive withdrawal fees

Everyday I check and balance my account including the pending items, every week I am charged a minimum of 70.00 NSF fee. What I have discovered is that before I use my card my account is showing sufficient amount including my pending transactions, once I use the card, the same items which were cleared previously will show as a posted item again thus creating an overdraft fee. This is happening every week to my account. I have sat with the customer service at my branch and the rep has reconciled the account with me and the results were in my favor. The NSF fees should not have been charged. If I did not have enough funds then why is my transaction accepted????

I am really disappointed in the method you conduct business especially in these times of economic pressure. I will definitely close my account with Suntrust and advise everyone I know of this type of rip off.

  • Mi
    michelle fox Feb 12, 2009

    I have been with Suntrust for 3 months and to date they have taken $3500.00 of my money with supposedly NSF, which is BS

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  • Wh
    whyme Mar 04, 2009

    Well... NSF (non sufficient funds)?? That means you did not have the funds! Suntrust posts ALL credits before debits! You can have item pending for days, depending on the merchant! Just like any other bank, if items haven't posted yet, you can still use the card (you will get an approval). As an example... if a Merchant "cancels" a transaction, it will be in your "pending" items, but then be removed without actually posting to your account. The $70 that you are being charged is because you don't have the money obviously to cover 2 items ($35X2=70).. hello!!

    -1 Votes
  • Ca
    Casie Oct 22, 2009

    But they also move the larger debits ahead of the smaller ones regardless of the day the transactions occurred. They also use pending items to charge you UAF penalties and then move the ones that don't post back to pending. Then the next day do the same, and can charge you UAF penalties again without those pending charges posting, and if they do post your charged a USF penalty for each item.

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  • En
    energized2dmax Feb 04, 2010

    Suntrust continuously plays a shell game with your money and picks and chooses what they pay first which is not necessarily according to the transaction date but more like the largest amount gets paid first leaving the smaller amounts to be exposed to the NSF charges. Example: You have a balance in your account of $153.00 and you make 4 small charges that are pending each totaling 1.00. On the date of the transaction you had sufficient funds in your account and those amounts are deducted from your balance which is now $149.00. However, on your online statement it shows the transactions pending until the merchant "officially" takes the monies out of your account. Then the next day a check comes in for $149.99 which would put your account into an overdraft of .99 cents. Instead of the bank bouncing the $149.99 check and charging you a single $36.00 NSF fee, they pay the check leaving you with a .99 cent negative balance. Now the pending charges move ahead of the check on your statement and they proceed to charge you $144.00 in NSF fees for the 4 pending transactions even though you had the money in your account the day that you did those specific transactions (and technically still have those monies in the account until the merchant takes it out). Your balance goes as follows: -.99, -36.99, -72.99, -$108.99, -$144.99. The fact is that a PENDING transaction is just that PENDING. The money has not yet left your account and if that is the case then the bank should not be charging you a NSF fee when the money is still sitting in there regardless of how they choose to post the balance on your account. That being the case, it would allow you to either deposit the .99 cents because technically those $4.00 are still sitting in the account or absolute worst case deposit $36.99. They also could elect to just remove the money from pending transactions on the ACTUAL date of the transaction. If they did that then they couldn't pick and choose to move around these charges to their own benefit which is what they seem to do.

    Recently, I was hit with $180.00 in NSF fess for the following transactions $1.07, $1.07, $5.34, $8.72. It was all initiated because my account went negative in the amount of .067 cents. They hit me with a $36.00 NSF charge making my account -$36.67 and then proceeded to hit me with another $144.00 for the four pending transactions which were made before my account went negative the measley .067 cents. That .067 cent negative balance cost me $180.00 in NSF fees. To make matters worst the supervisor I spoke to was condescending and would not credit me a single NSF charge.

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? How sad and desperate a bank they must be to have to make money this way off of their customers.

    1 Votes
  • Ms
    MsDownshift May 18, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Bad banking business and bad faith for the customer. All banks now use the same practice to manipulate and move debits and credits to their advantage. The banks are making their money this way stealing from the average person that lives paycheck to paycheck and doesn't have the money to cover. Then they delay sending notices and also charge a fee per so many days for being overdrafted.

    The government needs to be made aware of this and a law enacted to govern this problem. Transactions should be recorded according to the order in which the transactions were made (in real time) this would prevent this excessive and outrageous practice of stealing from the customer.

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  • Te
    teri24 Aug 25, 2010

    It happen to me twice now from suntrust. I take out $100 twice in my savings and charge me $8. I have enough money in my savings. I can't understand why i pay to withdraw my money. It is a stealing from the customer. Be careful.

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Resolved overdraft charges

I just don't understand how banks can be allowed to get away with this. I had a direct deposit posted in my account at about midnight and two checks hit the bank later that day. In keeping with their policy of processing debits first, they charged me overdraft fees because they had not yet processed the direct deposit. I can almost understand if the deposit had been a check, but not a direct deposit! This just isn't right!

  • Dg
    dgratias Oct 02, 2009

    I am filing a suit against Suntrust for the $216.00 they helped themselves too. Anyone want to join? Manatee County, Fl.

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  • Li
    linamc Nov 25, 2009

    My husband and I may be filing a suit as well. I sent a couple of cheques in for bills knowing they would come out after we got paid. His paycheck came late, unfortunately, and we should have only been charged for 2 overdrafts. Suntrust rearranged everything that we had spent on food prior (things that should have been covered) and made it so the cheques came out first. This means they arranged everthing from large to small (something bank of america just god sued for) to maximize overdraft fees. This has resulted in about 500 dollars of overdraft fees. I called them and informed them that this was ridiculous and we are military and my husband is away (making things sort of tight for me and my baby son here). They were unwilling to help in any way.

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  • Ra
    RachelW Dec 02, 2009

    i found this link, you may want to contact them www.webbllc.com they were working on a class action lawsuit against suntrust

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Resolved bad banking practice

Suntrust is indifferent to account holders. I had a business account with them. It was 5 years of trauma, hours on the phone, and finally getting another bank account and moving on. No hope of customer service or any straight answers and I tried dozens of times. Completely dumb bank. Save your valuable time, and DON'T OPEN AN ACCOUNT HERE. Just my advice from a consumer who has been there. If this bank goes under, cheer. It is the market place at work eliminating the weak and indifferent. I expect to hear of Suntrust's 100% bank failure sometime soon.

  • Fl
    FL Villa Management.llc Mar 04, 2009

    I to had a business account with SunTrust and found them to be totally useless and as I complained so much they asked me to close my account. Now with Wells Fargo and very happy - like a breath of fresh air. Suntrust are small time small thinking bank in my opinion. The local branch manger was a good as she could be it is the corp that is the problem.
    FL Villa Management.llc

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  • Co
    cognitive_skyy Aug 26, 2009

    Please contact me. I am in Tallahassee, FL and my attorney and I are preparing a class action lawsuit and an interview in the Tallahassee Democrat, followed by a daily lunch rush protest. We are looking for others who have been defrauded. It is time to draw more attention to this issue.

    Power to the people,

    Ari JAckson
    [email protected]

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  • Ge
    George A. Jan 16, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    From: George Stevanoff [mailto:[email protected]]
    Sent: Sunday, January 16, 2011 12:28 AM
    To: [email protected]
    Cc: George A. Stevanoff
    Subject: Suntrust Bank addition & subtraction errors...



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Resolved service fee

Monthly we have servicing product referral contests at the bank and I received 3 visa gift cards @ $25 each = $75!!!
I have been saving to purchase a digital camera and now find that the value is only $30.00 - this is rediculous and a hugh rip-off by Visa - they received the $75.00 - no service fees should ever be levied. No only am I an 18 year employee but also a customer - I will NEVER recommend these cards to anyone and will adamently BOYCOTT any purchases by anyone.


  • Ri
    rickrowland Feb 22, 2010

    I am going to local branch to complain about 135$ in overdraft charges for three days over weekend - because of inaccurate electronic balances and unauthorized withdrawals.

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unfair practices

I have been running 30 days late on my car payment. I admit this. This happened because in November 2007 I requested a one-month extension on my car loan. I was having major surgery and my husband wanted to be with me in Nashville. With limited resources, I had to request an extension.

At that time, Suntrust said NOTHING to me about having to request in writing (some form) for payments to be resumed. In fact, in the request that I faxed to Suntrust, I asked for the extension for December but requested that payments be resumed in January.
Now, take in consideration my husband (fairly new husband) knew nothing about our banking except I did tell him that I had all of our payments drafted from the account automatically. I have had a Suntrust account since 1994 - the account was initially mine.

My husband used the debit card to run household expenses while I was recovering. He knew how to check the balance on line, but that was about all and I assumed everything else was on autopilot.

For the next three months I was mostly flat on my back because of the surgery (home healthcare was coming in). On top of that I got the flu and was deathly sick. I can provide documentation of both.

I was totally unaware that Suntrust did not draft a payment in January. In January I honestly thought I would die from the pain and had little else on my mind -- especially with having the flu on top of major surgery.

When I became aware of the fact that no payment had been deducted in January and that I had to sign a form to resume my payments it was when Suntrust called me. NO ONE TOLD ME THAT BEFORE. And as I stated before, my fax to Suntrust said to resume payments in January. Anyway, by the time I was aware no payment had been deducted, I was already behind.

Bottom line, I have been running 30-days late since January 2008. I have explained to Suntrust that I am on disability and have limited resources and that I could not afford to make two payments in one month. The car payments are $301 per month. After all my bills are paid each month, I have $600 for living expenses. My husband is in sales and gets straight commission; so with today's economy -- well you know where that is going. He has also not been able to work much because of medical problems.

I cannot/could not pay $600-plus during one month to catch my account up and Suntrust would not give me an additional extension because my account was past due.

In December 2008, Suntrust decided to deduct the past due payment on December 2 without notifying me. My social security check goes in the bank on December 3. Because Suntrust deducted the past-due car payment on December 2, I ended up having $175 in overdraft charges, plus Suntrust also deducted my December 3 car payment. A total of almost $778 in one month.

If Suntrust had just waited ONE DAY to withdraw the past due payment, my Social Security check would have gone in and the money would have been there. It would have really hurt to make a $602 car payment in one month (especially at Christmas), but it would not have resulted in an additional $175 in charges.

Also, Suntrust should have told me they were going to deduct the past due payment. Had they told me, I would have asked them to wait ONE DAY or have borrowed the money to cover the payment.

The biggest downfall was Suntrust making what they call a "Miscellaneous Debit" and it causing five small debits to be INSUFFICIENT FUNDS with a total of $175.00 charge against our account.

It is wrong to do anybody like this without telling them it is going to happen. Prior to this I have loved banking with Suntrust and have recommended Suntrust to others. I don't know what happened to common decency. I also feel what they did was wrong.

  • Ra
    Rafael Feb 13, 2009

    Waa waa, lets hold Suntrust liable for your piss poor planning. Right.

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consumer loan dept

recently i was laid off from work . i was given a months notice so i contacted suntrust bank and notified them of my up coming job loss. they said they were sorry to hear that but there was nothing they could do untill i was six days late on my payment. after that they would be able to set something up to help me stay current on my account .So after six days late they called wanting to know when i was going to send a payment. After talking to three differant people i got the re-write dept. they told me i needed to get a job before they could help me. If i had a job i would not be asking for help. Nothing like kicking a man when he is down huh ?

teller-shawn m swartz

Moved to Florida in 1999 banked with Hungtinton-which than became Sun Trust. Banking many years with same branch of bank. Than after a car accident I became disabled. Every month I go to my bank an they cash my check. Any other teller at that branch always cashes my disability check with no problem. Than Swartz bank teller #3 comes to bank- an would not cash my check 3 months ago. I asked to speak to manager-an she told teller cash my check. A U.S. goverment check-not a ck from a company or 3rd party check. a government check. I get same teller on 11-04-08-once again giving me same problem. I mentioned we went through this problem once before. This time she told me no manager. Come bk next day for ur money. We went through drive through at 4:50 p.m. never did it ever take 11 minutes to due a bank transfer. My daughter-n-law who drove me because I had surgery-we left at 5:06p.m. I took money out for groceries - teller gave no slip of transaction. This is only teller at that bank who gives a disabled person a problem. I will have to return in the morning to the bank because of this teller who has a problem with disability checks.

service fee

I got a $50 gift card as a present. Forgot to use right away and did not notice the small print on the back of the card: "Servicing fee of $2.50 per month begins 7 months after purchase where permitted by law".

When I finally got around to using my card, I had a balance of $15.00 -- $35.00 down the drain. What a rip off!

Servicing fee for what?

Will never buy these cards.

  • Co
    Conrad Oct 31, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I too ended up getting charged the "maintenance fee" on my Suntrust Gift Card.

    I know that these types of fees and expiration dates on Gift Cards/Gift Certificates are illegal in some states, such as in mine (California).

    I wonder if they are breaking the law?

    I'm sure they've worded the text in such a manner that they can weasel out of any legal action...

    Anybody have any idea how we can look into that?

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  • Wh
    whyme Mar 04, 2009

    I do have an idea how you can look into it... to begin, ask the person who gave you the card when they purchased it. ALL gift cards charge a "service fee" if the card is not used after a certain amount of time. Maybe... just maybe the person who gave the gift had it and gave you an "old" card that they didn't need anymore??? These fees come from Visa and have NOTHING to do with the bank!!! AT ALL!!! So you should be complaining about this under "Visa".

    -1 Votes
  • Va
    Valdeia Jan 01, 2010

    Suntrust gift cards are SCAMS!!! I received a $250.00 gift card I registered it online and I called customer service to activate the card. I went to the mall spent $30.00 the cashier stated the card was declined. I was embarrassed!!! I tried to make an online purchased for $50.00 purchase was declined. I called customer service at 1-888-373-5707 they stated every time you call us for any reason we will deduct $3.00 off your gift card. I went to a restaurant spent $10.17 card was declined DO NOT EMBARRASS YOURSELF OR WASTE YOUR MONEY THIS IS A SCAM I REPEAT THIS IS A SCAM!!!

    1 Votes
  • Al
    Aldena Davis Feb 16, 2012

    I received a gift card for two hundred dollars. Used it over the phone to make a purchase was denied. Spoke to operator before using and was told its okay. I was surprised to find out my order was denied. I will inform friends not to purshase same.

    1 Votes
  • Nk
    nkar Jul 01, 2012

    Received SunTrust Visa Prepaid Cards - two @ $100 each which means we charged $20, 000 on our Visa charge to get a measly $200 in gift cards. To add insult to injury, there is no date on the cover sheet the cards are attached to so you don't know when they were issued. When we attempted to use them, SunTrust had deducted $2.50 a month for every month after the 6th month! It plainly states on the AGREEMENT: "$2.50 This is a monthly fee that begins the 13th month after the date of last activity." Since IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE TO LOG ON TO THEIR WEBSITE, WE WERE FORCED TO CALL AND THEY ATTEMPTED TO CHARGE US $3.00 TO SPEAK WITH A "CUSTOMER NO-SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE". "Anthony" attempted to talk down to me and state that as a courtesy they would credit the monthly charge back to our card. IT WAS NO COURTESY BECAUSE IT WAS ILLEGAL TO DEDUCT THE $2.50 FOR SIX MONTHS WHEN WE ONLY HAD THE CARD FOR A YEAR! I felt it necessary to inform "Anthony" of the number of SunTrust accounts we have and that I WILL NOT HESITATE TO CLOSE THEM ALL -- I still may do so!!! Customers/consumers stand up for your rights! LEGAL ACTION NEEDS TO BE TAKEN ON THIS ISSUE!

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  • R1
    [email protected] Jul 20, 2018

    Talk about the perfect SCAM !!! Start a gift card program, and then either bleed the money out of the cards before they can be used, or, in my case - just shut the program down altogether and refuse to honor it. I just got a customer service rep to admit that when they decided to close the Gift Card Program, they zero'd out accounts with a "deactivation fee" whether they had been emptied by the monthly fees or not. SCAM !

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Resolved scam

Have had an acct with Suntrust, aka previously CCB, Got the Plus package with CCB resulting in the $5.00 fee...


I went to the ATM at suntrust for a Suntrust account, attempted to withdraw $500. The machine never produced the cash, so I went into the bank. Their computer says I withdrew the cash. I have no recourse but to wait the 5 business days for them to sort things out. My dissatisfaction comes from knowing they owe me $500, and they can't just count the darn machine out to find my money.

  • Ma
    Mark Nov 01, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It will take 5 days to sort, meanwhile they have your money. I'm surprised they didn't ask you to fill out a Reg E claim form and cancel your card too. I hate that bank. They have a sign up in their bank that they are 197 years old, you can trust them. I really don't think so.

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  • Wh
    whyme Mar 04, 2009

    They can't just give you the money... if it's a stand alone ATM, Brinks or one of the armored cars would have to audit the machine. Not the branch employee. If it was an attached ATM, then the person who's is in charge of that would have to count it. You can't have just ANYONE count the machine and they won't open it during business hours. I'm sure the employee filled the Reg E claim and I'm sure it didn't take that long to get your money back.

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check cashed

I have been cashing my check at this brach for the past two months as I have some finiancial issues to clear up with another bank, so never the less I have been success[censored] at cashing my checks at this particular branch I was asked to do the famous thumb print and two forms of identification I produce a VALID md driver's license and SS card. never the less I recently got arried and the last names were different. The teller said ashe needed to get a signoff for whatever reason so I waited she goes and talks to the BM - branch Manager who tells here that my SS card is not a form of idetification since when? And was asked to produce a marrige certificate! Hater! She denied me the cashing privelage for that very reason and I am PO. I do not like when a Sister Girl is in a position of Minute authority thinks they are better than you when I have seen that Branch Manager sit in the same Ghetto Hair Salon and mibgle wioth the Same Ghetto people as I have on a bi-weekly basis she's a foriener and she is loclass hussy whereing Stipper shoes to work. Trying to cash in on an american to get that visa. Dumb ho! So I got the check cashed at the branc up the street and opened an account there so ther goes you commision. Tramp

  • Wh
    whyme Mar 04, 2009

    I think you are obviously confused.. first off, Suntrust does NOT do the "thumb print". Second, if your last name on your ID does NOT match then they will NOT cash your check unless you show proper ID stating the "name change". They have a limit where a 2nd piece of ID is required!! A SS card is not a form of a 2nd ID!!! Any bank will tell you that. If you went up the street to cash the check and they "cashed" it for you... then they must know who you are!! You are calling the BM a tramp because she wouldn't cash your check??!! Because she didn't want to LOOSE her job over a loser!!!??? COME ON!! Get a life! Have you ever heard of FRAUD?!?!?

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  • Sy
    Sytse Jun 05, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The identification you were asked to produce is for your protection. When your name changes, any reputable company will ask for documentation to prevent illegal access to your account. Again, for your protection. You would be writting an equally offensive comment if the bank had permitted someone, who had stollen your check, to cash it that bank. You would be complaining that the bank should have had a more stringent policy for verifying the identification of the person trying to cash the check.
    Based on your comment regarding SunTrust's security measures, I am convinced to transfer my banking to SunTrust. Thanks for the information.

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  • 60
    60YEAR OLD VET. Oct 25, 2010

    Whyme, you are dead wrong about the thumb print! I do not have an account with Dumbtrust, but my wife does. She wrote me a $20 check to cash for her in my name. When I attempted to cash it they sent me an ink pad to get my print. I sent my government issued DL with the check. The teller said thumb print was required for anyone not having an account with them. My response was I would not permit them to intrude on my personal privacy for $20 and asked to speak to manager. They made me leave the drive thru and go inside only to state it was their policy. When asked why, they said it was in case of fraud, which I took as a slap in my face to accuse me of being a criminal. Will never set foot in any of their banks again for life.


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poor service

This company talks about how they are so customer friendly. They are nice to you on the phone, will listen, but offer nothing and provide nothing. Because the market was bad, they ignored me on refinancing in the beginning of 2008 when interest rates were low and then called me to refinance when interest rates went up.

In July 2008, suntrust froze my home equity line of credit which had a zero balance. To test there customer service, I asked them to just close the account and waive the $400 closing cost early termination fee. They said no. So I have an equity loan with zero balance that I cannot use but will have to pay $400 to close it within 3 years.

The whole time they keep saying how they know me as a customer now, how they are rated high for customer service with JD Powers, and keep wanting me to open bank accounts with them. All I have to say is hell no. They should remember to take care of there customers in good times as well as bad times.

This bank is not a consumer friendly bank and I do not recommend SunTrust bank at all.

  • To
    Tom Campbell Aug 15, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am also struggling with Suntrust to reinstate a portion of my home equity line of credit. I have been following thier process to reinstate my line of credit which has ultimately required me to spend $240 for a new appraisal, since my six month old appraisal wasn't recent enough. Now ten days have passed, my check has been cashed and Suntrust still has no information from thier appraiser. I will wait five more days then requist my appraisal money back and discontinue doing business with SunTrust.

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  • An
    antonio batista Nov 11, 2008
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    Verified customer


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  • Eu
    Eugene Nov 26, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It's true! Suntrust is in the business of screwing over it's customers as much as possible. If these clowns are still in the black it's because they hit you with every fee and then some that they possibly can on even the simplest oversight. A mistake was made on our account for $1.86, which we owned up to through oversight, and were hit with over $200.00 in overdraft fees becasue of the way they figured it. Now get this...Suntrust has TWO different sets of overdraft fees they stick up your rear end before you get a chance to take a deeep breath. When you call to get them to work with you on a problem like this they don't want to talk to you. I mean they don't want to hear anything you have to say and ABSOLUTELY REFUSE to take off the charges. This was our very first problem with our account in 2 years and they basically set out to crucify us. It will also be our last problem with this bunch of blood sucking ticks. We couldn't close our account today because the person we needed to talk to has already started choking to death on turkey and lumpy mashed Suntrust mashed potatoes and is therefore unavailable until Friday morning. I urge anyone to THINK LONG AND HARD before falling in behind this bunch of crooks. They seriously could care a less about thier customers and they SUCK like no other bank has ever sucked before. ADIOS AMIGOS!!!

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  • Ou
    Outrider888 Mar 26, 2009

    Agreed, I my particular case regarding an auto loan. Suntrust seems to loose the electronic payment from my bank (Chase) this has happened numerous times at this point over the past year ultimately resulting in late fees and late pays….
    Now, if I call in a payment via phone where they get to charge me an extra 15.00 dollars for the convenience of it the get payment and everything is good.
    When talking with their customer service about this, it’s a futile effort; these people are rude and of no help. I will never do business with these folks again and will not recommend them to anyone; they run an underhanded business at the very least.

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  • Ab
    Abby Apr 06, 2009

    Can't agree more. We want to refinance our mortgage and have tried to call them almost 3 weeks ago. Always got the answering machine that said they would return call within 5 business days. LIAR! I called 3-4 times already and never heard from them. I also got a direct phone number to a mortgage rep, so I started calling last week. Today I got a message that the mailbox is full. So much for customer no service. We are thinking of moving and if we do, we would never get a mortgage or do any business with SunTrust again.

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  • A
    (A) Apr 08, 2009

    I have had a few cases with Suntrust and I thinkt hey are wonderful. ALOT better than being ignored when you walk into Bank of America like I was. :(

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  • Si
    Siskovic Jun 09, 2009

    Suntrust Bank has currently delayed our conversion of a construction loan into a permanent loan for several months, trying to wait out higher interest rates or impose additional penalties. The service has been incredibly poor. The communication is incredibly poor. We have a solid history and account levels with this bank. They are really damaging the credibiltiy of their bank in my eyes, and I am very close to liquidating all of our accounts with Suntrust to move to another bank as soon as possible. I would strongly discourage anyone from working through Suntrust on a home mortgage. Strongly. I have tried everything to get better service, to no avail.

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