Suntrust Bank / service

Radford, VA, United States

I've been a client with SunTrust since 1980. I go past 5 different banks to get the SunTrust in Radford. All because of the people I have worked with for years. Tuesday October 9th after a holiday I visited the branch and needed help with anyone at the desk. Christy Bird who has helped me for years was with a customer. However there were two other ladies sitting at their desks talking and laughing with each other and using their cell phones. Not once did they look out at the lobby to notice there was me and another person waiting to speak with someone. All of the tellers were busy, the only ones not was these two women. I waited for 10 minutes then Christy was available. She apologized for my wait. That's all she would say. Very professional. To my surprise I could see the ladies computer from my seat and seen what she was so occupied with was hairstyles!!! I was furious. So I asked for their names at the teller line once Ms. Bird helped me with my problem. Dina and Shannon are their names. I know they are new, but whoever hired them made a big mistake. I'm sending this because I am speaking for all the customers who have been ignored by them. I asked to speak to the manager but she was out for the day. No wonder they were showing their true colors. I will be shopping banks.

Oct 23, 2018

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