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Today, 5/12/17, I went to the Suntrust Branch, in Douglasville GA. I needed to speak with a Customer Service Representative. When I walked through the door, there was only 1 teller working and 1 customer service representative who was already helping a customer. Two other women sat in their offices directly behind him. There was an elderly lady already sitting and waiting to see a representative. I asked her if she had been waiting long and she stated about 10 mins. There was no sign in sheet. Two additional couples arrived after me. The additional people that arrived began to complain about how bad the service was. We waited for almost 25 minutes sitting in the lobby and no one addressed any of us. I went to ask one of the women in the office Susen, Branch Manager if we could get some assistance.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Douglasville, GAShe advised she just got off the phone and would be out. She came and helped the elderly lady and then she came to get me. One of the services I needed was to make a deposit. Susen wrote out the deposit slip then slid it over the desk in front of me and told me to take it to teller. I advised her that I had already been waiting quite some time and now I was asked to go to another line. She said she would just do it but before she left, she told me "You need to learn to be patient". I advised her that I had been more than patient. When she returned with my deposit slip, she dropped it on the desk in front of me. She didn't have the decency to hand it to me in my hand. Customer Service should be practiced by all levels. I would have expect with her being the manager, that she would have better behavior than this and know how to treat people.

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    For the record, Susen had a 30 year service plaque on the shelf. If she has been giving service like this for 30 years, its not a good look for Suntrust.
    Also, after she took the elderly woman in her office, she didnt close the door and her communication with her came off very abrasive. I could hear Susen talking to her about her account and personal information from where I sat in the lobby with the other customers.

May 12, 2017
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  •   May 12, 2017

    First off, if you can't figure out how to fill out a deposit slip on your own, you do not need a bank account. The slips are on the counter when you walk in the door. You fill it out, and take it to the teller. There was no reason to sit down and wait to make a deposit. Second, the office personnel do not do deposits, the tellers do.

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