Sun Trust / account freeze

My complaint was not resolved. It is generated by the complaint board to which I tried it in vain to correct it. I went to the office and talked to supervisor of fraudulent department and they say the other fund will be available today but not sure of rescinding the account freeze.
To solve this in the future you should disable copy deposit in the mobile account until you can completely authenticate any check. Nowadays with advance in technology this should be easy.

Hopefully I should be able to use my available fund today. You hold it hostage which as the result of I cannot make grocery payment, outstanding bills to top it of my, insurance without which I cannot work my job,

Thanks SunTrust


  • Updated by Tayework, Jan 31, 2018

    To this day I cannot access my account. As the result I cannot do my job., shop for groceries, pay for gas and pay my bills. I completely bogged down. I go to local band and talked fraud dept on the phone but nothing forth coming.

    Can you release my account. You can search for the fraud that is ok but holding my account hostage does not make any sense.
    It is also ok if you close the account and give me the balance otherwise I will consult my lawyer to resolve it.


Jan 30, 2018

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