I purchased a 12" tuna sandwich with very little mayo, onions and pickles on Tuesday January 24, 2017. On the first bite I knew something wasn't right but I thought maybe it was a sour pickle. I took another bite. I then opened the sandwich & tasted the tuna only. The tuna did not taste right & had an unusual smell so I did not finish the sandwich. My stomach did not feel right the remainder of the day. At 12:35am I began to throw up & have diarrhea with bad stomach pains. I had to miss work the next day due to the vomiting continuing. I phoned the local Subway where the sandwich was purchased & spoke with mgt. & was told that food poisoning takes 72 hours to show up. I was told if the symptoms persist to phone back & a complaint could be sent to corporate. I was told that no money is involved in these instances. I told the worker that I was not interested in money but did want to report what had happened & hope that no one else suffered like I had. I was spoken to rudely & told that no one else ever complains & that the tuna is made fresh every morning. Two more days later, when physically able, I went to my family doctor to be told that yes, I did have food poisoning. I have reported this to the local health department & now to you, corporate. I was unaware that Subway employed physicians as managers to give medical advice as to when the ecoli would set in. Her tone was unacceptable for mgt & customer service. I am requesting this employee to be dealt with accordingly.

Jan 27, 2017

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