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I was greeted by a young Asian woman who barely spoke English. I guarantee her only "knowlege" would be Subway terminology, and even then, it was difficult to understand her and she could not seem to understand the words "Cold cut on Honey oat" or "Veggie patty on Italian herbs and cheese". We repeated our order several times.

The 2nd CSR was an older lady. She rolled her eyes at us twice and was very rude when I asked her to take the lettuce of my sandwich because I had not requested it.

When it was time to pay, I asked that $11 be put on my credit card and the balance of $1.72 I would pay in cash. I have been able to make a transaction like this in many stores in Canada. I understand that different machines do different things, but was this a technical issue or a worker that was too rude and lazy to accomodate the customer?

At the end of the transaction, I asked for a pop cup, as I had purchased a meal. I was told that the pop machine was out of order and I would have to get a bottle drink. Pop machine not working = forced to consume 30 cent more expensive bottle. And that's all fine. Except, (and this is where it's really the principle and not the $) why should I have to pay the extra money for something I am being forced into? My options should have either been to not get a drink at all or to be given the bottle at no extra charge. I had paid for everything before I was aware of the machine being out of order.

It is the restaurant's problem if they are having issues with their equipment. It is not up to me as the customer to have to financially compensate for their messed up fountain drink machine.

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  •   Jun 21, 2009

    "Knowlege" was spelled that way as a joke. To make fun of the lack of English skills.
    I love how you mention that my parents didn't give me enough allowance (with an "a", my friend).
    I'm in my 20s and my parents live seven hours away. I'm a health inspector; money is never an issue.

    To clarify, maybe you didn't understand, no fountain pop was available - the machine was out of order. I paid my bill before I was aware of that fact. I was told I had to go with a bottle. There was no refund offered. It's not the paying 30 cents that bothers me. It could have been a penny extra or 100 dollars extra and it still would be the principle. I have never heard of charging the customer for a more expensive product when the generic one is not available.

    To be honest, maybe it's a Canadian consumer thing, but I've been in similar situations before in pharmacies, retail stores and restaurants and I've never been over-charged if the desired product was not available. I was either given a rain-check, a coupon, or a discount on the spot for a similar product.

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  • It is not the restaurant's fault if the equipment stops working. These things happen and they have to call for repairs. In cases like this however it would be nice if they told you up front of charged you the same price for the cup that you had to fill out, because it is not your fault, however it is not the restaurant's fault however.

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  •   Jun 21, 2009

    It's damn annoying to go into a store in my country where the official languages are English and French and receive "service" from someone who doesn't speak either language. In that respect, yes, maybe I am racist. Unfortunately, I live in a country that is considered a "cultural mosaic". Many immigrants take the minimum wage jobs and customer service takes a downturn.

    No one asked her to immigrate to Canada. I wouldn't dream of going to an Asian country and expecting service in English. If she wants to live here, she should be able to fit in properly. If not, she never should have moved here and can go back to speaking whatever language she chooses in her own country.

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  •   Jun 22, 2009

    My family is pretty much all WASP. I'm a 4th generation Canadian with ancestry being mostly British and German. My paternal grandmother was part Native. She descended from Tecumseh's tribe in Ohio.

    And I'm quite positive that it's no one's business what my credit is like. I knew that I had $11 left on it (had made a few purchases that day), I hadn't gotten around to paying it yet.

    NonnieMouse, you live in a completely different society than I do and you don't see what I see. In Canada, there is a "cultural mosaic". In the States, it's a "cultural melting pot". Do you understand the difference?

    People get hurt by diversity. Qualified candidates get passed over, and unqualified persons get positions beyond their capabilities. Educations are denied. Excellent businesses never get funded, meaning jobs don't get created. Shaky businesses get government guaranteed loans, and they default. Careers and businesses get ruined. The taxpayers pick up the tab.

    Most immigrants from Asia, live off welfare, work under the table and have houses and cottages and cars and DON'T PAY THEIR TAXES. I work hard, pay my bills, go to school and all for what? So some brown family can afford a pool?

    I'm entitled to my opinion and you are entitled to yours. But, until you have experienced a cultural mosaic, you understand how I feel. I get why you feel the way you do. You live in Georgia and I've just looked up the demographics. The state's percentage of white people is 65.6 %, the percentage of black people is 30% and percentage of asians is 2.8%. These are based on 2007 figures.

    Toronto's demographic - 2.1 million people (2006 stats) are a "visible minority". Meaning asian, black, latin american and filipino.

    Me being racist has very little to do with it. The stats speak for themselves. It's the culture of these immigrants; they live for free hand-outs. I know that tons of white people are on welfare, but they aren't trying to evade their taxes or make our government give money to relief efforts in a country they don't even live in anymore.

    Racism only seems wrong because everyone says it is, but sometimes, it really isn't. It's a feeling of being taken over by aliens and I detest it. Freedom of speech is something I'm also entitled to.

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  • I don't think you are racist as other's have suggested Phitt. NonnieMouse posted she hates Canadians both male and female because they are self centered, not that is Racist. You are not. The only problem I have is with your comment that she should stay in her own country. I agree with you however that she should learn the basic English Language.

    It is quite frustrating when someone does not speak your language.

    Where I live, Markham we have the same problem. I live just close to GTA.

    I have two simular experiences.

    First there is an Asian Store. T&T supermarkets(I am sure you have seen them around) They have a buffet, where yon can select two items, three items or four items. Apparently the person working behind the counter has limited English. I ordered a four item combo. She only put two items in the combo and had the nerve to tell me that I asked for two items when I told her nicely I asked for four.

    A second time they gave me two different meals when I asked for one. This was an annoyance I could have chosen to pay for one and left the other to rot, however I choose to take both meals home and heat the second and eat it later. It saves having to cook for the next meal so some good came out of it. However if you want to live in a country unless you are elderly you should at least make an attempt to learn how to speak their language. There is a joke going around where I live. You know how in school children are required to learn English, an French. Well there is a joke that Canada will have a third official language and children in school will require to learn Chinese as well.

    All this happened in the same store.

    Then there is a second Asian store. All their pages and signs are in Asian. Most of their customers are Asian however they get people from other backgrounds as well. They clearly do not want non Asian customers because if you are in line next and an Asian person is behind you they will serve the Asian person first and their other customers later. Not only do they serve them first they start up a conversation and completely ignore everyone else waiting until the converstation is over.

    Then there was the incident where they refused to accept my loose change which by law they have to accept. They can be charged if they don't. Anyways that store has lots of illegal prastices and no one not even the security by the mall does anything about it. They steal shopping carts, strip them and put their logo on them. They have people selling pirated movies outside the store. No one reports it and mall security ignores it.

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  •   Jun 22, 2009

    Trevor, thank you so much for understanding what I mean.

    If I said she should stay in her own country, I have to apologize that I came across that way. I guess I meant that no one ( not white, not brown, not black) should think of moving to Canada if they can't pull their own weight and try and meet the minium standards to fit it. Maybe our government should grow a pair and stop being so lax about immigration. But, I guess that's another issue.

    I totally get what you mean in your post. I've had so many experiences that are very similar. It is so frustrating to try and make a purchase and people suddenly have no regard for a line or any respect for other people. I would never jump a line and I always make sure the offender knows when they've done it to me. Reverse racism is alive and well in Toronto.

    Why are any of these immigrants above the law? What makes it okay for them to evade taxes and steal and pirate?

    My cousin is an elementary school teacher in the GTA. She says that she has to be careful about any candy she buys for the classroom - no gelatin allowed for muslims. There are also no school photos for some muslims. She also said that out of 30 or so kids in her class, 5 stand for the national anthem. Why is this happening?!?!?!?

    The worst thing I've ever heard is that a few years back in an area of Toronto, all the signs in a commercial area were in Mandarin. There was an emergency where an ambulance was needed by a man who had a heart attack. The paramedics couldn't find the address because nothing was written in English and the man died. Is that okay? Not at all!

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  •   Jun 23, 2009

    GTA is Greater Toronto Area. It encompasses some bouroughs and cities as well as Toronto.

    The strict on candy thing isn't about allergies though, it's about religious beliefs. It gets annoying after awhile to not be able to bring treats for your students because 15 kids can't eat anything.

    It is pretty rude not to stand for your national anthem. We don't pledge allegiance anymore though. I guess that went away when we stopped singing "God Save the Queen".

    That Walmart scenario is so reminiscent of many incidents I have witnessed.

    I just looked up the state of California's demographics. Here's the stats from the last census (2006).

    59.8% White American
    12.3% Asian American
    6.2% Black or African American
    0.7% American Indian
    3.3% mixed, and 17.3% of some other race.

    Seems California has the largest population of White Americans as well.

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  • Un
      Jun 23, 2009

    I can sympathize and I don't care who says I am a racist, it's a free country and as long as I don't blatantly discriminate against someone, i can dislike whatever ethnic group I like.

    I personally stopped going to Subways a few years ago when every location suddenly seemed to have a greasy indian installed behind the counter. Gross do not touch my food please. Hair should be washed daily and gloves should be worn when handling and preparing my sandwich items.

    I turn around and walk right out of any food place where I see them working. Its not like there isn't a million places to choose from.

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  •   Jun 23, 2009

    I got you banned Jason along with many other people who also complained about you.
    And it will keep happening.

    Fine, I'm racist. I couldn't care less. I've worked hard and I'm entitled to standards that are not sub-par.

    By the way, you annoying little troll, I'm a woman. Not a man. A lady. So quit calling me a "he". I guess I can start refering to you as a tranny? You seem to think you're entitled to making up things about people. Freedom of speech says I can too.

    Reporting you again...right now!

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  • Jason before you go around belittling a child for his spelling and grammar I suggest you go and get a dictionary. Perhaps you can buy one with the "allowence" your parents gave you.

    Sorry phiit29, I would save my breath, just look at his account username. He has already been banned twice and this is his third account. We had another "Jason Tillo" (meaning another completely different person" who actually went up to account number 12 before giving up. Most of us are ignoring him.

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  •   Jun 23, 2009

    You're completely right Trevor.

    But I just can't help putting sociopaths in their place. lol

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  •   Jun 23, 2009

    Jason, quite seriously, you have no right to talk about anyone's intelligence. What are your grades like? Did you get 90s in English throughout high school and university? Oh wait, I forgot. You are an admitted high school drop out.

    I will be starting a Graduate program in Public Health in about a year's time. I'm quite positive that I'm not a child, especially when I am university educated. I rarely make a spelling mistake. Although, if I do, I can admit to it.

    You need to find something better to do with your time. Get a life, an education and a job. Maybe try volunteering? Although, no one will want to hire you. You're an ignorant, dysfunctional half-wit.

    The reason Trevor spelled allowance with an "e" and no "a" is because he was making fun of you. You spelled it like that once when you had your "Jason Tillo" account. I remember it, but there's no hard evidence as that account and all posts were deleted. Either way, you need some serious help.

    I will find out your I.P. address and report you to the police. You are dirt and you are going down.

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  • "I will find out your I.P. address and report you to the police. You are dirt and you are going down."

    Good luck with that, they have more important things to do than worrying about an internet troll. If I found out my police officers were trying to track down trolls when there are credit card scammers and online preditors then I would complain. This site needs an ignore feature.

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  • If you can report internet trolling to the police juvenile hall would be full and the jails would be full. As much of a brat Jason is unfortunately the best thing to do is ignore him. The police cannot do anything since you too replied to him. The thing with Jason is he strives for attention. If people don't reply to him he will stop posting negative comments. He brings out the worst in everyone. I played with him at first on account number one, however I have ignored him, or rather tried to.

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  • Bi
      Jun 24, 2009

    I am on your side about the complaint. However I have read all the replies on this board. Generally if you do contact the police like Trevor said they cannot do anything about it. Infact you may get into trouble or they may laugh at you for making a complaint.

    We had people who claimed to abuse their children, who have claimed to stealing from restaurants. I would hope in my state that the police would dedicate more time into finding internet pedophiles and people who admit to abusing their children online rather than rude teenagers. Teenagers will try to annoy you. They can be disrespectful. Trolling is on a rampage(sp) on the internet, if the police went after every troll real life crimes would increase.

    Jason, Trevor was referring to Zachary as the child not the OP. You know that, Phitt29 knows this, everyone knows so stop playing dumb.

    You can keep on getting banned and have an account Jason Tillo account number 1, 000, 000 but one day you will realise what a fool you are making of yourself. You obviously are not as dumb as people think. Try to be polite to those you disagree with. You do not have to agree with them, but be more polite.

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  •   Jun 24, 2009

    Everyone makes good points about his trolling habits. I guess I just have this feeling that if he acts like that to a bunch of strangers over the internet, he must not be a very nice person in real life. You've got to wonder what he could be capable of.

    I think he got banned again. My inbox said there were 13 new posts, but I can only find 2.

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  • No
      Jun 25, 2009

    Nice :)

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  • Ha
      Jun 29, 2009

    I'm sick to death of political correctness. You know what, Indians smell, because they don't wear deodorant and take daily showers. Is that a horrifically racist thing to say, when it is the truth?

    Wouldn't it be better to keep saying it over and over, making it commonplace, so that eventually they understand, that when in civilized countries like the US or Canada, if you really want to fit into the "melting pot", you should pay more attention to the norms of society?

    Polical Correctness and finger pointing at perceived "racists" are just another form of censorship.

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  • Al
      May 11, 2016

    Date of incident: 11th of May 2016

    Incredibly rude staff.

    They did not apologize for the behaviour.

    They refused to provide their names so that I can complain.

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