Subwaystale bread

I went into Subway store #11089-0, at 1607 Williams Hwy, on 1/25/2017, at 5:25 pm, and ordered a foot-long roasted chicken breast sandwich. After getting home, I took a bite, and the bread was hard and stale. Upon calling the store, the employee told me that there was no way the bread could be stale, that I must be imagining it, that toasted bread is always hard. I go to Subway several times a month, and have never had toasted bread that is hard as a rock. The employee actually hung up on me when I tried asking for a refund or a new sandwich At the very least, I'd like a refund, since I had to throw this sandwich out. As someone who has bad teeth, eating this sandwich was extremely painful, and I don't believe I will go to this particular location again.

Jan 25, 2017

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