Subway, Malaysia / dead fly in loaf

I was having my dinner in "subway" in paradigm mall johor bahru. I ordered for subway club sub, when I was about to finish my loaf I was curious to open it and take a look inside and I found a dead fly sticking to lettuce.

I show it to the subway staff, and the staff apologised and immediately offered me a refund or replacement. Subway trying to hide their mistake by offering a refund or replacement.

Is this how you treat your customer's who complain about your unhygienic food? Later he brought me into the kitchen and try to talk to me in private so other customers will not be aware of it. When I told the staff that i'll make complaints, and staff denied that its a fly but claiming it was a pickle or olive, I didn't even add pickle or olive in my sandwich... I told them to eat it if it's really was a pickle or olive but the staff refused and offered me a refund again. I'm attaching the image of the so-called pickle or olive image, you judge it for yourself.

Are you really serious about offering me a refund or replacement loaf??? Seriously subway, is this how you treat when someone questions about your restaurant cleanliness? Who knows if your food were already filled with flies and many other consumers ate it with flies? What if I have food poisoning because of your unhygienic food? Will subway be responsible for serving me such food?

Subway, Malaysia

May 28, 2018

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