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Savannah Tennessee, United States
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My husband and I visited our local Subway today for lunch. I ordered the reuben (which was very delicious) and my husband got the roasted chicken (also very good). I presented a coupon we had received in the mail for $10 for two (2) 6-inch, which includes chips and drinks which we purchased. The girl checking out said we could not use the coupon because the reuben was considered a "premier" sandwich. My husband and I both looked very closely to the coupon we had and it did not specify any exclusion to this type of sandwich, so, there fore we were unable to use the coupon. I would like to recommend that these coupons be a little more specific in their exclusions before someone has their meal prepared and find out it costs $5-$6 more than expected.

Thank You.

Jan 17, 2017

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