Subway / bad staff that failed to honour a fair clearly valid stated voucher

19 wilson street, Burnie, Tasmania, Australia

I have always been a happy and big fan of subway i love the food it offers but today during my experience at the burnie sub way i had a clearly valid and clear stated voucher for subway that the workers at the burnie stor refused to righfully honour it and not only did they choose not to honour the voucher but when i was trying to talk to them and ask why they wouldnt honour the clear stated voucher but they were rude and unhelpful and made me feel like as if i was a special needs person and made me feel like an idiot and when i go into a resturant i do not expect to be treated in such a rude and unfair way as a result it has left me very upset and offended and i will not be going to subway anymore as a result and i recommend that other people do not go to this subway anymore until the owner teaches the manager and staff how to talk to customers properly and lets them know that when a clearly valid voucher is presented it should be honoured and they should not call the customer a liar and talk to them like as if they are a liar and idiot i have never been so rudely and badly spoken to i am very disheartened and feel heavily abused and hope no one has to go through the ordeal that i had to go through at burnie subway today thankyou

Sep 11, 2014

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