Studio 6 (Div Of Motel 6)money hungry

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I drive a truck cross country and broke down on 08/16/09 and the company put the wife, dog and I up in a motel6 affiliate called studio 6 in garland, texas.I'm being reimbursed for the room but still my company is getting screwed. first it has a 49.00 plus 10.00 for the extra person and a 10.00 fee for the dog. Then because I had to pay cash they charge 25.00 refundable deposit.No big deal we are not going to tear anything up. The 10.00 fee for the dog is non refundable even though the dog is well trained. I am only 100 miles from home but did not want to drive there for our truck might not take too long to fix. So my daughter and her 4 kids (6 and under) came down to see us and spend the day. They were tired at the end of the day and had an air mattress with them, so we just blew up the air mattress and was going to have the kids sleep on that. The price said 10.00 per adult and 3.00 for each child so I tried to do the right thing and go to the office and explain that the kids were going to stay the night and offered to pay the extra 22.00 and was refused, they would have to rent an extra room or leave. My room was 60.00 plus tax with a dog fee. Their room(since they had us by the cahunas), was 79.00 plus tax without a dog and of course the 25.00 refundable deposit because it was paid with cash. I think the is shoddy business practices and will not spend another night here, I have already paid for tonight so I will stay, but don't care how many days the truck is broke down, I won't be back. Tom Boadette may leave a light on for you but it will cost you, BEWARE AMERICA. RON WEST ROOM 160


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      Aug 18, 2009

    I believe it is a matter of the fire code. Regardless if they are kids or not you can not have that many people in one room.

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