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money hungry

I had work check that came late to me in mail. I couldn't get it cashed, so I ask a friend to loan me some money until I got check cash. He could not any cash today, it would be tomorrow. I said ok. Called down to the front desk an told it would be first thing in the morning when I would be able to you. This so called manager(Third Eyed ###)said I had to get out until morning. So had to get the money hungry ###er his money right a way, so I did. These black hearted third world illegal ###s, just care money. On our money it says "In God We Trust" not "In Goat We Trust". Get the ### out of our country.

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    ithinkican Mar 03, 2010

    It sucks, but that is simply how it works. The manager doesn't know if you are one of those people who promise to pay and then don't. A motel is a business, and is run as a business. It is your responsibility to pay for the service- not their responsibility to give you a break because of poor planning on your part.

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a bunch of thieves

I been staying at the motel for awhile. I pay a pretty good amount of to stay at this motel. Until new owners took over, saying that I can not have any company. Its franchise owned. They over charge people that want stay at a good place like motel 6. Since i've been here at the motel, i've had money and jewelry stolen from me. And in a result of that nothing was done about it. These aren't your regular americans neither. These people are thieves, they go into your room when you're out for dinner an take they can. When you could into your room an see somethings not right like things are missing. You go up to the lobby or front an tell them in plain english that some of your belonging are missing, what they say is we don't understand or schrug there sholders. So take a swift kick the #, cause the cops are unable to do anything about it. There are no cameras on site. Cause the owner is to lazy to put them up. Sorry people beware. And god bless.