StraightTalk PrePaid Cell Phonepoor customer service and phone service

I purchased a Straight talk phone from Walmart three months ago. From day one I have had several dropped calls and very poor reception. I can't hear callers and they can't hear me. Called the company today and they had me reset my phone. I made some calls and sent out some texts to see if the problem had been rectified and it has not. Called the company again today and they said I would have to send my phone to them and I would receive a replacement in two weeks. Two weeks? What am I supposed to do without a phone for two weeks..especially since my business relies on the phone? I spent $100 on the phone and it is a piece of junk...and so is the service. Do not purchase Straight talk. Walmart should pull the phones off their shelves!!! I am switching back to Virgin Mobile...who has excellent customer service and virtually no dropped calls...and good reception. Just thought I would switch to Straight talk when the Walmart salesperson told me they were on the Verizon network and that I would get excellent reception. What a lie! I am very unhappy with Straight talk and am writing a letter to the President of the company, Mr. Fredrick J. Pollack stating my huge disspaointment. I just wasted a lot of money on a junk phone. Stay away from this company.

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